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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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webpage update, others stuff
children of dune - leto 1
Yes. I really don't have anything better to do. But this is just a general PSA.

SV Slash recs page is fixed with the new http://smallville.slashdom.net addy--theoretically, I knew it was just a find/replace? *shakes head* Yeah. So for anyone who ran in there and promised me death--or you know, sent me email about it--all fixed here.

Second, over the weekend--sort of--coded and uploaded all of Strangerverse and two of the Teacher's Pet that I hadn't already had, including miss_porcupine's Teacher's Pet: Lorne. I kind of debated seprating them onto their own page, but that was just, more typing! So not yet. And frankly, it's fine as is, so. Both can be found in their completion here.

*stares at webpage thoughtfully* Okay. I have always taken a great deal of satisfaction from the fact those pages are as simple as I can make them and still keep them readable. But thought. I've had this design for a few years. Should I change it? And into *what*? I was thinking something trendy yet personal--yellow text on a deep red background, with black accents. And scrolling text! And flashign things! Think bordello meets cyberpunk. y/n?

You can all actually tell I'm in the midst of avoiding something, can't you? Mmm. I'm also thinking that I should make a fulltime change to teh name seperis and be done with it--seriously, thought. Does anyone think of me as jenn or as seperis, if you have not gotten slightly drunk with me, stole the last two inches of my really awesome favorite drink ever, or wondered if I was going ot fall down the stairs in a very ungraceful heap wearing very high boots.

Um. Also, I still want a pony. The really ironic part is, our new intake coordinator *raises tiny horses*. They're like the size of great danes. My bitterness is legion here. You have no idea. Tiny horses!

Oh my god, miniature horses! There's supposed to be a farm in Texas where they are raised. By nuns. I -- I really want to go.

I'm in Texas! Where are these horse nuns?

Huh. That sounds odd. But OMG. Tiny horses. I want!

If I see them ever? I will send you *pictures*.

Think bordello meets cyberpunk. y/n?


I think of you as both Jenn and Seperis. And reference you as both, when I'm talking to people and feel the need to mention something you wrote/posted/whatever.

I've always wanted a pony. Damn the world for thwarting me.

The universe is clearly against us all with the pony sitch.

Tiny horses!

Might I suggest using a name attribute? It'll link like so --

(That way you can put off making another page for even longer...)

Maybe *forever*...

*starry eyes*

Does anyone think of me as jenn or as seperis

Yes. If it makes sense, I kind of think of you as both. Jenn Seperis, except not as though it's your last name. :-)

I want to see the tiny horses!

*thoughtful* That makes sense.

Also, God, if I can get her to give me pics....

If you do change the layout, please no yellow on red. That's just hard to read. (I tried it. Not so much fun.)

And I think of you as seperis, because I don't actually know you as jenn.

*nods* Cool. I've alwasy been curious. Seperis became an accidental pseudonym, so I've always wondered how much it's me now. *g*

I certainly don't know you, but I think of you as Jenn, because that was the name I got used to seeing on your fic long before I ever heard of your LJ.

I was thinking that might be the case, esp for people who read me before lj or before they knew I had an lj.

Thank you!

Another vote for please, no yellow on red. I am very much in love with simple black on white or grey on white; it is elegant and not eyesearing.

Not knowing you personally, and knowing you mostly by way of LJ, I do think of you as seperis most of the time.

*g* Awesome.

Also, God, white is so easy to maintain. It goes with everything! I still tremble in memory of the days I had picture backgrounds. *shivers*

(Deleted comment)
Call me old fashioned, but I *like* the simple design.

*thoughtful* I do too. It's very easy to update.

Randomly, I think of you as "jenn/seperis," or, occasionally, as "Seperis Jenn." Point is, it's both, not one or the other.

Also, I always wanted a miniature horse when I was a kid. I wasn't as keen on ponies. Unless they were Shetland.

They're so--I mean, without context? They look like regular horses! Then you see, like, their heads on level with human hips!

*pathetic* I wnat one. The rabbits would love him! Really!

I think of you as Jenn Seperis, because of the first place I knew you, where there were two Jenns. Otherwise, I think it'd just be "Jenn, whose LJ name is seperis.

Only I'd like to think that I'd remember to close my quotation marks.

Huh. I cannot (and haven't been able to for awhile) get illuminated text to open for me. Not even remotely. Not even with creative jiggling of the domain name. Nope. I just get an error. *yearns for the stories*

You're *kidding*.


I--have never heard of this before. I will check our site and--well, I have no idea, I'll try to find otu what is happening.

Personally, I like simpler pages without graphics and flashing and blinking. And if it's black text on white background, it can be read at work and nobody knows you're not doing something official. Most of the time. However, a nice background change and new color of text does wonders for the re-decorating gene that seems to exist in most of us.

I may just change up all my link colors to green or red or something new. Just to get a little newness in there.

I was thinking something trendy yet personal--yellow text on a deep red background, with black accents. And scrolling text! And flashign things! Think bordello meets cyberpunk. y/n?

*whimper* Those of us who suffer from chronic headache say "no". I have some cool little "zap" buttons that turn off all the headache-inducing colours and flashes on any website, but I like that I don't have to do that on your website.

*grins* I am kinder than that. And also, I swer, red background? Never.

maybe just change the links, though. Hmm.

^ Ditto, Luthien

I get the itch to change my pages every year, add new bells and whistles. In the end, though, simple and easy to read always wins. My only thing is that I like a darkened background when I'm reading a long fic on the screen.

I know how it is to grow into a pseudonym, and I've grown very fond of Seperis, but you'll always be Jenn to me. First impressions. :^)

it's very bizarre when I think about it--I don't think most people accidnetlaly acquire a psuedonym due to needing a livejouranl. though I'd guess in ljland, that would be more often. *grins*