Seperis (seperis) wrote,

on a second pass through lj

So I loaded a whole fleet of my wips into zohowriter to test whether I would actually work on them while not at my laptop, and in a non-Times New Roman font. Okay, immediately I changed to Times New Roman--I have no idea why, but for some reason, Verdana and Arial totally change how I write. Such as, wildly, I decided to sketch the next Strangerverse story, and okay, first, John pov, which is *weird*, and then baking got involved, which on one hand, huh, and on the other, what? I'm still debating whether to use it or not--it needs like, maybe a page to finish off. If I even knew what in the name of God they were doing.

However, nine of my top ten wips are listed here--Landscape isnt' simply because I have it split between files and frankly, that one's problem is more complex than simply general not-feeling-it--but I'm curious if I *can* write porn at work. It's an actual curiosity. I'm in a cubicle that I kind of sort of share with another attached cubicle, and there are people ducking in adn out all the time, and I talk to *clients*. So can I, at any time, suddenly break into 'And then Rodney went down on John hard enough for him to see spots."

Well, yes, I did *here*, but one might hope for a little more detail otherwise.

Plus, let's face it. From that sentence? I'm not feeling 'porn' so much as 'serious physical injury' and 'call Carson now' and 'possible lack of oxygen'. And hey, thought; there should be fic like that. I mean, sex leads to physical injury leads to bizarre misunderstanding, the way only fiction can really pull off.

I have a lot more fun ideas than I will ever have the energy to pull off.

In closing--seriously, giant evil spore mushrooms *outside my window*. What the *heck*? Apparently there are more. I hate non-edible mushrooms.
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