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Okay, so that thing with the sponsored communities on lj_biz is all panic-inducing--I mean, if I could panic right now over things that don't invole Killer Mushrooms sporing outside my window, which was my original journal entry subject. No, really. Killer Sporing Mushrooms. They're freakishly freaky.

But anyway, new subject! Not as relevant to my allergies, but still.

Okay, read--God. Close to every comment in the relevant posts. I will be the first to admit--I am really *bad* at judging future impact with these sorts of things. So. Just with y'all--what are the actual chances that sponsors coming onto these sites will start making things more difficult for fen?

I'm kind of between a.) panic (fun!) b.) denial (um) and c.) do I really need to worry about this in any meaningful way or have six thousand plus comments kind of tilted me toward the panic side of the force?
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