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rec - old soldiers die hard by friendshipper
children of dune - leto 1
Old Soldiers Die Hard by sholio

Summary given on page:

Summary: The old guy in Room 30B was about the most disagreeable human being that the nurses had ever met. But he did get visitors -- including a retired Air Force Colonel.

I have no intention of spoiling, because it's so rare that I'm genuinely surprised by a fic, so when it happens, I want to share. But I will say this. There is no way you cannot love this.

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Oh, I second this rec. It's a fantastic story.

Oh yes, I liked that one too. And I did not expect that twist at all.

Exactly the reason I recced it. I'm used to--well, it going the other way with the bittersweet whatever. This? Completely surprised me--I mean, I had to go back and re-read when I realized who she was looking at.

Made of *awesome*.

I was all sniffly reading this.

and I may or may not have cried. I'll never tell. But it was really good.

Thanks for the rec - I'd never have found this fic otherwise!

It's a wonderful piece of writing.
Thank you for reccing this


OMG this was a wonderful story. I feel totally wrung out after reading it, but my sinuses (TMI alert) have gotten themselves all cleared out. And what a great OC.

I love it when you do these drive-by recs. They're always things it would otherwise have taken me weeks/months to find and they're always worth the read. (Though a couple I've read whilst peeking around my hands which are covering my eyes. *eek*)

*smirks* I was always one of those kids that found soemthign and had to show *everyone*--rock, frog, porn....

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