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Okay, much territory to cover here.

First, because my LJ, my rules...


girlinthetrilby sent me chocolate! And a bear! I've named the bear Shan. She and John the One Bear have been chatting on my bed since they met. Pictures will appear, because, dammit, Beth sends good bears. Also SV comic book, which I have never, ever seen before ever and dear God, how the HELL can a comic Lex still be so. Damn. Hot.

And coffee.

I am SO damn wired. Seriously, seriously wired.

And a bunny to Child, which child has hidden from me due to the jelly bean issue. Like I would take those jelly beans. Only if they were left out. In my line of sight. Sheesh. No trust there.

And hey, did anyone know--PURPLE OREOS?

*cuddles Beth* You are so my hero, chica.

*lovelovelove* Let me mull porn for you. Or graphics. Or something. I can't think of how to top purple oreos, frankly. Seriously. PURPLE. Lexeos!

Yes, I'm drinking my coffee. *grins*

Okay, second.

The Get Clark Laid Now! Challenge has a home. You can find it at, where three stories, by Signe, Gothphyle, and I have been linked up.

You know, I may make buttons, banners, and graphics. Adobe and I had A Moment today. *g*

Beth and I are working on that subdomain, playing about, so funness. *hugs Beth*

Third, thanks to everyone for answering my LJ question regarding multifandomness and LJ.

And have to answer monniesgirl_65 here. I have no idea when I'm going to get to comments today, I'm running seriously behind, so.

Answering my own question, as posed by user above.

Has LJ led you to be more multifandom/multipairing/more open in your writing and reading tastes? Or just your writing? Or just your reading? Or is it that multifandom/multipairing/more open people were already attracted to LJ for that very multifandom vibe? Chicken or the egg, chicken or the egg, lalala.

Reading, yes. RPS is a completely new thing. I don't read regularly, but I don't leap away from a journal that has a good one either. Wow. I also skim across HP and any fandoms that appear on my friends list, recs, etc, if I have time. It makes for some interesting reading.

Writing--maybe. It's expanded my thinking in what I write, but it hasn't pushed toward true multifandomness. Yet.

I came to LJ because this is where my friends are, but that's not exactly all of it. Diaryland gave me something I wanted for a long time--being able to watch without participating or interacting--kind of having my cake and eating it, too. Being able to say, yes, I'm part of SV fannish community without actually--well, being a part of it. Say and do what I like without having to actually think, hmm, you know, saying that? Consequences could happen, if not to me, then to someone else. Until they did happen, completely surprising me. LJ doesn't give the illusion of privacy that diaryland did. I know in theory the number of people that will see whatever I post just by looking at my friend-of list and I have to think first and carefully.

Doesn't always WORK, but I don't think I'm making the same mistakes. Instead, I'm trying to make completely different, new ones.


Mindfuck Edition

Respire by martianhousecat. I pimped the LJ version, double pimping the SSA one, finalized and posted. I read--a LOT. I don't get hit like this very often. This hit and it hurt and it made me think. Because Clark's secrets aren't just dangerous in knowing them. They're just as dangerous in the not-knowing, too. Very, very, very highly recommended.

Sunburn by lj user="penelope_z">. When you have a style and you use like a razor to cut, when the creepiness is all in what isn't said, and when the descriptors are what make you shiver--again, these people are the reason I love fanfic. Amazing, horrifying, and so subtle and so blatant at the same time. Penelope does it again and dammit, this is good.

Happy Edition

After reading the above? Trust me, you'll NEED these.

Apolgoies and Promies by tstar78 Oh yes. Happy, lovely, wonderful Lex and Martha chat. Relationships and love and lunch. Totally will make your day bright.

Three Semi-Nightmarish Things by mobiusklein. Hee! Love love love. The first is a horror beyond imagining. *grins* Mmm. Fun fic. Read read read and laugh happily.

Curator of the Life and Death Museum by Punk AU first seaon, post-Pilot, fascinating Lex and Clark. I can see this so easily and it could have happened. Another wonderful fic by a great author.

That--doesn't even put a dent in my list. *sighs* Got to CATCH UP already.

Sites to See

ubertodd, who has brought us some of the hottest fic on the planet, has a page! Go here to pick up all those snippets you've been missing.


celli makes a lovely, lovely cover for Caro's Apologies and Promises here.

slodwick makes an absolutely gorgeous cover for Penelope's Sunburn here. Mmm.

And another one for ubertodd here.

And another one for MEMEME! here for Turn You On Somehow.


*grins* I love covers. I do. It's like an addiction.

Also, fleur bleue sent me a DAMN cool cover for Pretty When You're Mine, Hooker!Clarkfic. This. Is. So. Cute!

Places to Go

celli covers her view of LJ, mailing lists, and etc here in fascinating detail, including her own fannish history. So damn cool.

seemag does it here as well, covering her experiences in Trek.

Anyone else cover the topic? Leave a link. I'd love to read other views.

Yeah. That about covers it. I think.

And right now? Hating koimistress. Made me mull Very Stupid Fic Idea. I don't even think I could pull it off. But. Well. Lots of death and destruction, so you know I'm tempted.

We were talking about fic that creeped us out. I brought up my usual rec for Fic to Seriously Fuck With Your Head, X-Manson and gave her the link. Koi says, two of yours did that to me.

Well, A Handful of Dust, yes. Can see that. But Only Sometimes? Huh.

I mean, I thought it was sad, but it didn't occur to me it was creepy or moreso than any number of excellent fics I could name. So I hied off to look at it and see. I'm not objective--I remember why I wrote it, when Molly challenged me VERY early in Svdom,a month in or just about.

So. Hmm. And I said, you know, I think the sequel will spoil it. Because in itself, it's a very stylistic story, so to speak. I was going for a very specific tone and I got it, which, considering I pull that off once every seventy stories or so, very nice.

And Koi says, it's creepy because you took away the hope. Lex's salvation. Everything Clark had made in him, all the influence on him, that those years make. Not just the entire stealing someone's memories, which when you think about it, is endlessly, endlessly creepy, but took away the parts of him that were built on those memories. Parts of himself, leaving holes where those things should be, where some part of Lex KNOWS there are holes and etc etc etc.

Wow, I felt GUILTY.

But Lex wasn't save-able! I said. Which you know, he wasn't, or Clark wouldn't have gone that far. He had to take everything--Lex knew his secrets, Lex knew he HAD secrets, Lex knew he was Superman, and Clark couldn't fight his lover who knew him as well as he knew himself. Huge reset of Smallville button going on there.

Which maybe comes to my problem here.

For Something Like Forgetting to work, I have to be able to make a transition I've never done as a writer. Darkening a character I've done. Lead them down to hell, yep. Compromise them, fuck with them, destroy them. But bring them out? I have never done that. I don’t even know that I CAN. It has to echo what Clark did--in the course of the first story, Clark made a decision, he changed, he lived with the consequences, which were in some ways more lasting than the ones for Lex. More painful, somehow, when he can remember being this man's lover who now hates him, doesn't remember him, will never remember him, will never know to even try.

So I have to reverse it. Lex has to find out, and he has to CHANGE. The seeds have to be there, but even with a restored memory--it wasn't enough, having Clark wasn't enough to save Lex before, so it won't be now. So I need a catalyst.

See why Somewhere was from Clark's POV? I know what happened to Lex for those two years, what shifted so much inside him that he could make the transition and come BACK, but hell if I can get it out in words.

Hmm. Screw it. I'm going to try starting from scratch and see if a pure Lex POV will do it. *grins* The worst that can happen is that it'll fail, and I can hide it away from other eyes and think, damn, not doing THAT again.

Okay, done. And my WiP listing is officially terrifying.
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