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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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mmm. sweet and sour
children of dune - leto 1
however, I will say this.

Sweet and sour chicken can, in fact, minister to a mind diseased. Or at least yearning for God, better coffee, please.

Mmm. Sweet and sour.

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The steam caressed his face, tantalizing his nose with the sweet aroma of the golden chicken on his plate. Rodney closed his eyes to better savor the smell. The tang of the sour sauce had saliva filling his mouth, and with one last deep inhale he opened his eyes.
John was staring at him from across the table, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. It was the same expression he had worn earlier that day when they had stopped off at a Tim Horton's for coffee. Real, honest to goodness coffee that wasn't from grounds used a hundred times.
The cup had been warm in his hands, his palms slowly turning pink. A drop of foam had escaped the lid, pale and perfect. The tip of his tongue had teased it into his mouth, letting the sticky cream slowly slide down his throat. John had watched, holding his own cup as though it were forgotten, and when he had finally suggested they head out to the bookstore his voice had been strangely thick. Rodney hoped he wasn't coming down with a cold.
Putting the thought out of his mind, the scientist gently maneuvered the first bite of chicken to his mouth, catching the small dribble of souce with his tongue even as he closed his lips over the steaming treat.
Opposite him, he could have sworn he heard Sheppard whimper.

Sweet and sour chicken can, in fact, minister to a mind diseased.

Crab Rangoon has that effect on me.

You make me want to order takeout from the really cheap Chinese place at the local shopping center. I *adore* their sweet and sour chicken. All crispy and fried, then the sauce, and the rice. *moans*

Seperis, your icon is driving me crazy! Is is from the picture of Joe camping? I've been trying to find it to no avail. Do you know where I can find it?

Back to your regularly scheduled porn...

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