Seperis (seperis) wrote,

coffee porn (not here, sadly)

So I am sitting here, struggling to remain conscious and intersted in existence. And I keep fantasizing about coffee.

I mean, not just like a cup of coffee. No. This is elaborate.

It's a latte, like Cute Guy my freshman year used to make, settled into individual layers, sugar added carefully with a spoon so it gets sweet without destroying the visual. Slow, careful foaming of the milk by hand with a tiny whisk.

There is fresh whipped cream draped over the lip of the glass mug, layers of coffee visible beneath the slow slide of the foam, from the color of my skin at the top to deep brown at the bottom. Somehow, I know he gave it a shot of chocolate syrup and a whiff of vanilla. Tiny pure chocolate curls are sprinkled over the top and around the counter where My True Coffee Awaits. Bittersweet for contrast, because I love my coffee supersweet.

Seriously. I am almost convinced I can *smell* it.

This is the part where I tell everyone the nearest coffee shop is *miles away*. God. My life sucks.

I want coffee porn. Rodney, John, Lex, Clark, Brian, Dean, Logan, Scott Summers, Tom Paris, Snape, do not *care*. Anyone know where I can find it?

ETA: No, seriously. I really need coffee porn. because I am about to get work made coffee, which is a crime against coffee beans, good taste, humanity, and life itself. God. This is like staring at mud. Really sad mud.

Yet, I am still drinking it.
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