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The Multifandom DVD Commentary Challenge - Week Warning!

We're on our last week of the DVD Commentary Challenge, and this is a reminder if you're participating, teh deadline is Sunday 12:00 AM CST, October 1, 2006.

A quick refresher, since it's been a while since this started.


The rules are slightly different from the normal DVD commentary. This is a commentary on another author's work. The rules are fairly simple.

The Rules

1.) Any fandom and any pairing or lack of pairing thereof is welcome.

2.) One DVD commentary per story--if you know what story you want to comment on, post here with title and author. A dozen commentaries on The Greatest Fic Ever is nice, but let's go for variety and breadth.

3.) You must have author permission. I want this as fun, not as trauma. You can call a story first if you're worried about getting it before someone else does, but permission is a must for the challenge.

4.) Deadline for submissions is 10/1/2006, 12:00 AM CST. There is no deadline for sign-up.

5.) The minimum is one commentary. I mean, if you're taking on the five hundred thousand word epic of wonder in your commentary, I'm not asking more than that. No upper limit, however. Do as many as you like, in as many fandoms as you like.

Sign up is here.

A list of claimed stories is here

Anything I've (seperis) written or cowritten is disqualified from this challenge. This does not pull permission to do it outside of the challenge.

Okay! You're done! Choose your story and go at it!


Co-maintainer is general_jinjur who stepped up and volunteered to help and to I owe a *lot*.

List of Relevant Links:

Authors who have given permission here and here (second link assembled by general_jinjur, thank God).

To sign up, go here.

List of claimed stories here.

List of completed DVD Commentaries here.

Come on, you have a week! Lots of fic has been posted since this started! Go to it!
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