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oh hell yes
children of dune - leto 1
Okay. The Return Part 1?

Made. Of. Awesome.

I'm going to go do that thing I do? Where I giggle hystericall in *joy*? Yes. That thing. Happy.

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And now go to my ep review and scroll down to the convo with thegrrl and read my fic idea!

And if I may be so bold just the suggested outline the two of you wrote was
pretty scorching...this needs to be written.


(Pizza = sex) (Cheetos = moving in) (Dinner = somarried)

I swear I read the whole 'bringing pizza back through the Stargate' in a unintentionally bad SG-1 fic about a year ago. I think they used it to feed a load of refugees. *face palm*

I wanted there to be pizza nonetheless. It's the kind of nutty that SG of any persuasion inspires.


No, I don't miss you because I'm talking to you and having dinner with you tonight.



*giggles* Exactly.


The little things were really really cool, like Ronon picking up John and the head touch with Teyla, and the turtles, and Elizabeth almost but not quite cursing out Woolsey, and the model planes which Sheppard obviously inherited from Jack O' Neill, and the phone call, and Teyla being so happy to see them and oh, everything! Yes, their home! Man, the Ancients were unlikable which I had sort of imagined them to be, I liked Woolsey's retort to their leader's words. I really liked Elizabeth's parts in this episode. And Teyla being all proactive and take charge and John risking his career, again, and at the end, the team! No, I have nothing really substantial to say, it's all one big bundle of coolness. Except for the part where the season restarts in March, that part's not so much fun :(

Yes yes yes.

And triple yes to the march thing. Dammit.

So absolutely agree. I just... the episode ended and I couldn't stop smiling.

There was not a moment I didn't think was the cat's whiskers.

*nodnodnod* EXACTLY!

And I was scared of it!

Seriously, there was friendship and team bonding and John and Rodney in civvies, and talking on the phone and not being lonely and missing one another (and dinner. Seriously, still smiling).

I know! It was so intensely happy making. John was hot and adorable and all wicked commando and I was one happy fangirl. When Ronon picked up John and twirled him around I really thought I was going to die. This week I couldn't come up with anything critical to say, just a long list of reasons why I love these people so very very much.


Everything you said, God, yes.


I dragged my feet watching it, because I haven't been feeling the SGA love lately, but then Livia made me watch it, and just--made. Of. JOY.


*still doing happy dance*

It was every shade in the FANTASTIC spectrum. Really it was. *smile*

So many *colors* of fantastic. God.

*So* made of awesome! I was flailing like a loon last night. The plot, the characters, their interactions! Peril! Jeopardy! (Double Jeopardy, even) Careers thrown away because of personal belief!

*dances around*

*grins* They are all SO SCREWED if they go back!

How much love would I have for an ep where they sort of *didn't*? Just you know. Saved the Ancients from teh replicators, got back home, kicked the Ancients to the curb, emailed SGC saying "Bye! Was a slice!" I know that will not happen.

Yet I *want it*.

I mean, after all the other SGA veterans, you know, cleverly escape back to Pegasus.

Just you know. Saved the Ancients from teh replicators, got back home, kicked the Ancients to the curb, emailed SGC saying "Bye! Was a slice!"

Oh, I want this sooooo much. It would be wonderful. But as you say, after Zelenka & Co. find a way back to Atlantis, though. I wouldn't want to do without the rest of them, either! That's one of the things I really enjoy about that one hugely long SGA AU that I can't remember the name of right now, and I'm at work so I can't look it up, but basically? The SGC shows up after being MIA for ten years thinking they're riding to the rescue, and instead the Atlantis folks have been busily setting up a civilization and really don't need the SGC. So the Atlantis folks' reaction when the SGC tries to make them come "home" is basically, "Buzz off!"

I know that will not happen.

I know. *sniff* Perhaps some people can write a whole bunch of fanfiction on this theme. *lives in hope*

There must be Radek! And Lorne! And Cadman! And and and and!

But yes, I'm all about the succession from Earth these days. Because you know that Our Team would kick ass all over the Pegasus Galaxy (and also cause crisis after crisis, just because they can!).

There honestly was not one single thing I didn't like about the entire episode. Given that there are precious few Joss Whedon or Tim Minear shows that can claim that, I was utterly flabbergasted to have it happen with SGA. Oh, and overjoyed, did I mention that? PERFECT writing and the actors stepped up and knocked it out of the park (even Paul McGillion, whom I've been viewing as increasingly useless for much of this season).

God yes. When even *Carson* adds to my squee? That is New World Order area of squeeness.

I'm *still* high on that ep. God.

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