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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's that kind of an afternoon
children of dune - leto 1
Latest in fashionable spam sender names.

Spasming Q. Spouse
Taros H. Excepts
Privet F. Dislodged
Passkey U. Merest
Catharsis H. Bluenose

Seriously. Sometimes I love my spam filter.

Re-downloading The Return. Finally saw Phantoms. Interesting.

I'd really kill for nachos right now. And grain alcohol, seeing as Child is currently wearing gardening gloves, wielding a stick, and poking a ribbon snake in the front yard, yelling such charming encouragements to me as "No, really, he's nice!" and "Mom, can you pick him up?" and the everpresent "So if I catch him can I keep him?"

I'm just saying. Over. My. Dead. And. Rotting. Corpse.


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Snake on a stick!
I once got spam from "Devastation D. Cabbage" and thought it would be a fine name for a DJ.

Tonight I will tell you about Phantoms and my fic ideas from it.

Faustine Perry, Fuller Frazier, and Isidro Brewster are all trying to sell me Viiagra and Home Lones.

Ribbon snakes are sweeties. I had a tank with a couple of them in it when I was a kid. They sort of have emery boards for teeth so you don't have to worry about anybody being bit. But if Child doesn't have what it takes to feed them live food, he really shouldn't keep them as pets. Tell him to stop with the pokin'!

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