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I was in the mood to do this long entry about the Birthday Committee Cold War, Detente, and recent Armed Negotiations that resulted in an addition of a manager into the committee--I think to keep us from indulging in another fit of pique and do our jobs. Or possibly to keep an eye on me. I think--think being the operative word--that they figured out that I actually *can* control my committee. I just chose to let them do what they liked the last three months, and they liked--and I liked--passive aggressive dithering.

I kind of didn't want them to notice that. Dammit.

I was gently led to understand my leadership role--no, I'm not kidding. My Leadership Role in Morale at the Office. I was gently quizzed on the budget. (God. I haven't updated in months.) I was tenderly informed of my role in the Big Picture. At some point, there could have been inspirational music; hell if I know.

It was kind of nice. It also kind of freaked me out, so I spent most of the meeting twirling in circles in my chair while the manager tried to act like she was used to adults who kind of--aren't.

There's something just contrary enough in me that I don't want anyone to make the mistake of taking me too seriously.

OTOH, I think I count this as a win for the committee, and frankly, I'll take any victory I can get if it doesn't require me to back down. I'm vaguely aware that the fact I actually managed to *inspire* a rebellion in the office should be something I should think on, but--well. No, seriously, how can I not get a kick out of this? They freaking *stripped my committee* of everything we were doing without notice. I was owed sulking until they were willing to compromise. And we worked out a fairly good compromise.

I can't believe, however, that I was sitting in a formal meeting arguing the viability of office decoration. It makes my ownership of rabbits make this weird amount of sense.

Speaking of.


chibikaie has recnetly acquired a rabbit and discussed their escape skills, so I can now prove I'm not delusional, the little bastards are an opposable thumb away from taking over the world. And I'm not sure that the opposable thumb thing is necessary, either.


The rabbits are on a six lettuce, two vegetable diet. They've picked up the distressing habit of shredding their newspaper flooring to the point of--well, shred. You see my problem here. Mr. Waffles has taken to spraying me when I'm in range, and I still can't figure out how to tell him that whatever's between us just won't work. I still also can't quite make myself call him Mr. Waffles to his face. I just--dont' want to know what he'd do to me when he realized what he's named for.


He has picked up the charming habit of running ot the edge of his floor when I come in, and run up on his castle, bracing both feet on the side of his wire wall, and lean out in a way that defies gravity to get my attention. I cannot say that this does not charm me to death.

But seriously. I could do without the spraying.

So. Life with rabbits. More things I've learned.

1.) Love can be bought with cabbage. I'm so not kidding. Better than freaking bananas.

2.) Tying the cage closed is the equivalent of putting up a keep away sign in terms of security.

3.) Fishing a rabbit out of your underwear will never, ever be anything less than utterly traumatizing. Seriously. That's just creepy.

4.) Some rabbits will love you so much right after you've hand fed them lettuce they will *chew your fingers*. No, wait, that's the *smell*. I thought at first it was cuddling. Then there were teeth. I really can't talk about this.

5.) The third time it happens, it stops being an accident and you just have to admit you are just that stupid. *sighs*

6.) You'd be amazed to see how much--solid waste--four rabbits can manage in a week. We could fertilize, like, *Mars*.

Okay, my fingers are tired.


There's not an other. I'm just really bored and waiting to download SGA. *sighs* Life so hard.


summercon, organized by svmadelyn is up and running! There are stories and manips that will make you cry so much and oh. Huge fun. Go check it out!
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