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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - coming home by xanthe
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, been up for an hour with--shocking!--tooth pain after *four hours* of sleep, so basically at this point, we can just go with I'm clinically insane and no longer responsible for what I do. My first act will be to declare myself queen of--hmm. Actually, I have no idea. But I would like to belatedly thank all the people on my buddylist for distracting me most of last night, since this has been getting steadily worse for the last couple of days. I love you all. Should I ever be queen of anything, I swear, brownies to everyone. And you know. Hot sex slaves. That sort of thing.

Okay, so comfort fic. Currently, and I honestly am still surprised I'm saying this, the prize for making me ungodly happy is Coming Home by xanthestories, prequel to General and Doctor Sheppard (link leads to part 1).

This isn't a conditional rec, but a--hmm. If you really liked General Sheppard, you'll like this one. You are group one. This is not aimed at you. If you, like me, did *not* get into the first one, okay, this rec is specifically for you. You are group two.

I didn't like the first one--nothing against the author, but I'm fairly specific on my bdsm and *really* specific on my John characterizations. The compare/contrast of universes did not work for me mostly because the AU was *too* different and I couldn't get context for a *lot* of the behavior. Coming Home, just for the fact that the author managed--and I have no idea how she did this--to build the freaking universe these people belong to? AWESOME. I mean--seriously, that is freaking *cool*. It's like candyland. Everyone's hot and wearing leather every day and being growly and possessive and seriously, who cannot love Miko in PVC boots, okay? Christ. The internal logic is sound, there are very intersting variations on characterization--but this is a strong enough AU I feel fairly comfortable with a wider field of characterization than I usually do. It's a wonderful, cuddly BDSM romance, Harlequin taking a trip to the toy store, but more than that, it's a good story. Just with floggers and collars and things.

I love that she's trying this, that she obviously put *thought* into this world and how this society might/could work, and frankly, she gets a ton of credit off the bat for attempting something this ambitious. I love how she keeps good internal logic. I love that she's hitting and bouncing on a lot of my kinks, period. I love that I am, for the first time in a long time, *obsessively* following a wip to see what on earth she'll do next. I am happy. I'm hitting *refresh* obsessively from midnight to one-fifteen--which seems to be her window of posting.

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It's weird. I liked the original well enough. I saw it as a way for the boys to see each other "that way", and it was kinda cool to imagine John in that much tight black leather. (goes to a happy place)

But I am loving this one. Seeing everyone in context just makes it work for me. But I am a well-known crossover/AU whore--if it's well-written and interesting, I tend to like it a lot. While I am not any kind of a fan of schmoop, yes, the Harlequin Moments are getting to me too.

(Of course, reading that and then auburnnothenna's new Seven Walls bit? Will cause mental and emotional whiplash. Like woah.)

And haven't you seen the oral surgeon yet, kiddo? Let me know if you need a ride or anything, if the fam can't be there.

Tomorrow at three-thirty. I'm *counting* the hours, I'm so not kidding.

Hee! I won't go near Seven Walls. Auburn's a great writer, but that entire fic is based on my biggest squick. When she finishes it, I may try it out, but until then, not so much.

ANd yes! This one is fun! JOHN IN LEATHER OMG. That is just--wonderful.

Actually Auburn just posted the last chapter but hasn't finished the middle parts- I guess its totally out of sequence.

It isn't the last chapter, it is just a side tangent to part of the main plot of Seven Walls to explain what happened to Teyla as well as giving an outside view of one segment. The main story will have more after that final scene.

Ok cool. Certainly is way out of sequence then.

Pretty much, in a sort of 'well the ending is known anyway because Auburn keeps saying' way. I think she outlines (in comments) that there are four more parts to the main story and at least two after this, plus Ronon's story.

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