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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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dangerous sheppard
So Madelyn decided that whole "sanity" thing was totally overrated.

So. ficbyzee offered to make 1 minute vids as a challenge type thing and now I have to decide on my prompt. I've decided on John/Wraith as the pairing, or possibly Rodney/John/Wraith triangle of jealousy and doom, however Zee wishes! BUT. I need a SONG. rageprufrock and I are overwhelmed with the possibilities, so I am turning to you fandom, in my hour of need.

This is obviously an idea whose time has come.

Now take her poll here!

ETA: Becuase I'm an idiot and forgot to add this on.

spaggel has ART! MYSTERIOUS ART!

Check it out!

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Wow. I think this betrayal is WORSE than you sharing the donut filling story against my will!

You realize I'm just doing this so you're all committed to the whole idea, yes? Yes.

And ooh, when did I become a *tag*?

Everyone has a svmadelyn tag. EVERYONE.

...you don't. *lip quivers* You go and say that to my perfectly valid rhetorical question, and now suddenly, I'm *questioning* why you don't.

yes I do.

I just haven't filled it with the joy of YOU.

*narrows eyes* Or, if I were paranoid, I could say this is your way of *slamming me*, by saying I am the equivalent of nothingness, of white noise.

My God, Spags. You are fortunate I am not paranoid.

no, no, nothing is WORTH having your tag on it. <3


For future reference.

*giggles* Nice save, pumpkin. John/CommonGround!Wraith might be worthy of my eminence.

Re: For future reference.

It's a sign! I just this moment made this sad-pathetic-I-can't-even-make-borders John/Comm!Ground!Wraith icon!

Re: For future reference.

And apparently I can't type either



It's a tragic testament to the overall wrongness of fandom's musical taste that Sophie B Hawkins is leading ABBA in this poll. ABBA! So right!

Please tell me the ABBA song in question is "Take a Chance on Me"!

runs to look at poll

I rather think that some good John/Wraith songs are Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin and Unknown Soldier (also by Breaking Benjamin). The lyrics always struck me, and while they don't perfectly match the complex relationship that goes with John/Wraith, I believe they describe it rather well. And I further think that Evil Angel could be John's POV on the situation and Unknown Soldier could be the Wraith's POV. Just a suggestion!

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