Seperis (seperis) wrote,


So Madelyn decided that whole "sanity" thing was totally overrated.

So. ficbyzee offered to make 1 minute vids as a challenge type thing and now I have to decide on my prompt. I've decided on John/Wraith as the pairing, or possibly Rodney/John/Wraith triangle of jealousy and doom, however Zee wishes! BUT. I need a SONG. rageprufrock and I are overwhelmed with the possibilities, so I am turning to you fandom, in my hour of need.

This is obviously an idea whose time has come.

Now take her poll here!

ETA: Becuase I'm an idiot and forgot to add this on.

spaggel has ART! MYSTERIOUS ART!

Check it out!
Tags: fandom, svmadelyn
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