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insta!rec - teacher's pet: lorne


After much begging and promising things there is no way I will be able to do, miss_porcupine said she would do a story from the military side in the Teacher's Pet universe. Then! It got *better*! As she decided to do two!


Teacher's Pet: Lorne. Set after Teacher's Pet Nine, The One Where Rodney Made John Fly a Jumper, and it's *totally *cool*. And so Lorne.

And my favorite bit didn't paste. Hmm to lj too.

And so while their hour is still mostly a story hour, now instead of tales of far-away Jaffa and funny-voiced Goa'uld, Lorne talks of Pegasus. Forgetting what it says about the adult Sheppard, John needs to be convinced that he won't grow up to become a monster. He doesn't get to spend enough time with the marines to know that just because you know how to use a gun doesn't mean that all you want to do -- all you can do -- is kill with it.

Happy place. Happy place. Very happy place.

Also, watched the ep. Still thinking. Hmm.
Tags: recs: stargate:atlantis 2006, sga: teacher's pet
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