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insta!rec - teacher's pet: lorne
children of dune - leto 1

After much begging and promising things there is no way I will be able to do, miss_porcupine said she would do a story from the military side in the Teacher's Pet universe. Then! It got *better*! As she decided to do two!


Teacher's Pet: Lorne. Set after Teacher's Pet Nine, The One Where Rodney Made John Fly a Jumper, and it's *totally *cool*. And so Lorne.

And my favorite bit didn't paste. Hmm to lj too.

And so while their hour is still mostly a story hour, now instead of tales of far-away Jaffa and funny-voiced Goa'uld, Lorne talks of Pegasus. Forgetting what it says about the adult Sheppard, John needs to be convinced that he won't grow up to become a monster. He doesn't get to spend enough time with the marines to know that just because you know how to use a gun doesn't mean that all you want to do -- all you can do -- is kill with it.

Happy place. Happy place. Very happy place.

Also, watched the ep. Still thinking. Hmm.

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I love Teacher's Pet and I never felt the lack of anyone else's viewpoint other than Sheppard's main team and I still don't in your arc, but given Miss_Porcupine's elaboration of Lorne and the marines' roles, it makes for such a wonderful extension on the story. I love it when good authors play in each other's sandboxes :)

The best part? Was when she sent me the first version of this one and I was like--oh. OH. Oh *exactly*. Because I *am* a fairly strict pov writer, and Rodney's a fairly strongly single pov character to use. It was like--yes. *Yes*. This is perfect.



Hurrying over there now...

Oh, yes, it was very nice and very true, because the Team has a tendency to close ranks when it's one of their own.

Dinner tonight? Still on? Call me...

DAMN. Okay, I emailed thsi morning, but I forgot to take your phone number with me and I don't have it here. I'm helping my sister and soon to be former brother in law doing a great separation of possessions and we're *still* moving stuff. I dont' think we're going to be set free until after nine, which it was supposedly not supposed to take this long.

Can we reschedule? I suck, I'm sorry, I didn't even think to print out the email to bring wiht me to call before I left.

Hah. No Prob. I'm actually in the opposite boat, as my sister-in-law is having severe stuff-serparation-anxiety and I probably won't be dealing with her stuff this weekend. Which is good, as I need to make the niece's birthday present (she'll be at ACL on the actual date).

Oddly enough I didn't get your email; I'll double-check the "Trash" section.

Wow. Oh wow, I enjoyed the HELL out of that. I said it to her already, but since it's your brainchild I feel the need to say it to you. While reading this whole thing I've always come from the Team's perspective, pushing the marines to the side, really not even considering them. It didn't even dawn on me, Lorne's perspective here didn't even DAWN on me, u ntil reading this. And I think that's a testament to both you and her, and just. It's not the same tone as your series, exactly, and yet, it's a perfect fit, because... just. She's right, or rather Lorne's right, and John DOES need more interactions with the marines even if he doesn't want it, and wow. This whole thing, I just love this whole thing. And the fact that she's writing a second piece makes me so happy I can't even quantify it.

I feel the need to clarify, since you don't know me, that I truly and whole-heartedly love your series and don't consider it missing any elements, but that her peice makes a wonderful addition because it's brings a perspective that wasn't *missing* persay, because it's not neccessarily neccessary have in there, but wasn't represented. And is therefor, very new and interesting.

Sorry, felt l ike the comment above gave the wrong impression. LOL.

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