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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i like to think my reputation precedes me
children of dune - leto 1
Heh. My manager amuses me.

Email recieved yesterday:

I have granted you Admin Access to HEART for a few days in order for you to see the Ad Hoc reporting feature. Please do not change any settings or delete/create any categories, drop downs, users or groups.

My reply:

I’ll try to control my evil overlord tendencies long enough to peek. I don’t promise, however, that this won’t go in my plan for world conquest.

My work on the User's Guide is, weirdly, a lot like someone who is tone deaf expected to teach music to a classroom of children who are hard of hearing. I'm actually not kidding about this. This really isn't in my talent since it's been extended to less of an informal user's guide and more something everyone will be expected to actually use.

Christ. I'm going to go breathe into a paper bag real quick before going to talk to more CRs to get their input on how thsi thing works, cause honestly? I have no clue.

Tone deaf conducting the music class, people. God.

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I get the feeling you amuse your manager as well. *g*

Do you actually get to try to use the whatever you're writing the user guide for? In that case, someone with no previous knowledge would be the ideal person to write the guide. Because you wouldn't make any subconcious assumptions that something is obvious.


Okay, I've had to do something similar in my line of work. We use SAP in the company that I work for and what I did in order to make sure I was putting the right stuff into the guide is put together a dry "test run". I included everything I felt was important enough to know and then dumbed it down a notch for the "regular" people. Then I pulled together a couple of people from different areas and asked them to test it out. Now, I have no idea if your system/software is anything like mine, but if it is it might allow you to create a kind of "playground/test area" of sorts.

Basically, it might let you create a similar environment as your current system, only it'll be fake and won't accept or make any changes to the actual program. That way, the people you've asked to test out the guide can do so without compromising or "breaking" the actual program and you, in turn, can learn from their mistakes/questions/general confusion and then include anything extra in the guide that you discover to be relevant to the "regular people".

And that? Was long-winded and probably confusing and bravo if you actually made it through without stopping several times to wonder about my sanity.

Hee! That little e-mail exchange? Probably says everything about you people would need to know. ;-)

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