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First and most important thing:

Here the lovely ltlj gave *hysterical* comment fic set in the Retrograde universe. Post-Vegas. Adorable. Wonderful. OMG JACK.

You can see why she's one of my measuring sticks of my own work in SGA, right? That's just *cool*.

DVD Commentary Challenge

Okay, I've sucked with keepingn up with the challenge responses and I got very lucky. general_jinjur has offered to help out, so we're splitting it between us and bringing it up to date. And I will not let this fall behind again.

I owe her, God, I don't know. Maybe I should hunt down her fandom of choice and write her something for it? But yes. Cookies for general_jinjur for being so awesome.

Dental Continuance

You know it's bad when your dentist comes in, opens your mouth, takes a look, and immediately offers you a stronger painkiller. My white-lipped silence must have said a lot. I don't even want to know what that tooth looks like. I mean, seriously. Not at all.

Anyway, he referred me to an oral surgeon, so I'm calling this afternoon to get that out of the way and scheduled while waiting for my script to be finished. I took two more vicadin when I got home from the dentist, since I hadn't been sure if it was okay to take them right before a dental visit. Expect more of the warm and cuddly jenn wandering around--seriously, if this didn't make me itch like an attack of hives, I could easily be a really functional junkie on this stuff. I sit around thinking how much I love everyone, am moved to tears of sheer joy and gratitude when svmadelyn chats with me, and offer up dirty weekends to amireal while telling her about my feelings. It's all very glossy and not a little creepy. But luckily, in the glossy place, I lose my line between friendly and scary. Or I'll be the one between doses who snaps short and that's very not of the good.

Um, so if you are the person I snapped at? I'll be apologizing tonight. It wasn't you at all--I just had to wait for the next dose and it was screwing with my mood. If I'd just stayed off for anotehr hour or so, I wouldn't have been like that.

Okay, the new dose has kicked in. Let's do some more comfort fic!

Comfort Fic Recs, Group Two

Quarks, Quantum Chromodynamics and Other Unproven Theories by amireal

I love this one for so many reasons this, too, will need numbers.

1.) TIME TRAVEL! I love the use of sci-fi tropes--common ones, fun ones--especially where the characters meet a future version of themselves. That rocks so much.

2.) I love Rodney and McKay both. I love how they were alike, the subtle differences that age and experience and you know, marriage make between them. I love how they both handled the weirdness. I love that they time-shared John and were totally careful not to call it that.

3.) I love how McKay was using his own body as a diagnostic tool to figure out how to fix the time stream. Kick ass. And unique enough that I don't remember ever seeing it before.

4.) I love that Ami didn't try to overexplain how the time travel looping and stuff thing *worked*. Just enough to get a surface idea; otherwise, terrible quantum headaches.

5.) Love John; John in love with Rodney and of course in love with McKay. Love how he and McKay fit together. Love that he *couldn't* see a difference between them, because they were the same person. Love how they were so comfortable together and yet just that bit off. Love how this is affecting him with both Rodney and McKay. It just--yeah. All of that.

6.) I love, love, love the multiple plotlines; bringing Grodin back was my favorite bit, and the other small ways that Rodney changed things. I *love* the thing with the papers at the beginning.

7.) Love how John went for his gun when Rodney made a certain noise.

8.) And finally, love General Sheppard coming to pick up his wayward scientist. That bit *rocked*.

Link to story here.

And one more, before I pass out in the pretty place. Or just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling feeling *way* too good.

Fearless, Mindless Fancy by giddygeek

I love this one just for being so freaking *fun*. A haunted house! John the psychic! Rodney as Scully! Evil supernatural thing! How could this not be the funnest, happiest, cutest thing *ever*? Made of love. One of the Harlequin Challenge responses that made me all "Awww" and "Mmm" and *pretty*. I want a sequel to this like no one's business on their next wild adventure. So. Much.

Link here for your reading pleasure.
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