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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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graphics news from afar
the gekko story
It was like art central around here! *bounces*

Thing One

Okay, first to _medley_ -- Outlook still isn't letting me send email out, only receive it. And btw, later on that if I can't fix this by the end of the weekend. But--oh wow. I love you. *Thank you*.

From _medley_, two Crimes Against Humanity wallpapers.

One and Two. God. That is--*John is*--no words. None. Just wow.

ETA: Apparently the first time you click, it forbids access? But it works the second or third. I have no idea why. I mean, my hotlink protection thing possibly is acting weird, but--okay, it *should* be working now okay. IF there are serious problems, tell me so I can go poke at the htaccess code a bit.

ETA 2: Okay, sageness says that when she opens this post off flist, it works the first time, so it's definitely my hotlink protection being stupid. I have lj.com allowed and seperis.livejournal.com, but I'm not sure how to wildcard all subdomains of lj. I'll try and find where I got this code to see if it has a way to do that.

Sorry about that! I'm working on the problem!

Thing Two

And girlnamedpixley finished off her cover series with a cover for Mexico City, but I was required to swear in blood that Panama would be finished before I saw it. So. Yes.

God. John.

Thing Three

And finally, after pretty pleasing thecaelum she agreed to do me a favor. ileliberte did some *hysterical* sketches of me and my rabbit and also of me and the gekko that one time, and I asked thecaelum if she could icon them for me. So. Yeah. Here they aer.

Based off of this entry.

This has been *such* a good couple of days. Damn.

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*glee* All of the art is fabulous, but I particularly like the OMG ACK NOES! gecko image.

Hmmm. I still can't see the first two, getting the forbiden message, but the others are very cool!

Never mind, got it to work. Very, very cool!

Very, very nice :) But I see those wallpapers only in IE. Firefox is pissy and shows 'access forbidden' everytime. :( Now, I'm off to reread the fic.

Okay, sageness seems to ahve figured it out. I'm trying to figure out how to put all subdomains of lj are fine, but until then, open this entry and then click and it should work, instead of reading it off flist.

I think that should work.

I couldn't get the wallpapers to load from my friends list page, but they loaded fine from your LJ entry page...which sounds like an access issue.

All of these are gorgeous, and the Gecko story icon made me laugh so hard. :D

You're a genius! Okay, now to figure out how to open up for all subdomains. I specified livejournal.com as an allowed domain, but it must be treating the subdomains differnetly. I put seperis.livejournal.com as allowed, but--huh. I wonder if there's a wildcard I can use to specify all subdomains?

There is, but I don't know what it is! I hit that barrier once before, flailed, and sent it off to someone else to fix. Unfortunately I've no idea what magic trick they used, sorry!

Maybe a tech guru somewhere is still awake?

Hmm, the wallpaper image seems to be corrupted and forced loading doesn't want to get it working either. Also I can't even get to illuminated text to begin with, let alone the covers.

Apart from that, the gecko and rabbit icons are cool *g*

The wallpaper for 'Crimes' is so perfect it's scary. I mean, how is it that the images fall so neatly into your universe when these guys are meant to be the *good* guys - heh!

It's marvellous how well they've captured the atmosphere of that work - I think.

I love your gekko icon, it's the cutest thing.

Thank you! I've got screencaps of John looking rather...feral...that I didn't even get a chance to use, so there may actually be an "all John, all the time" version eventually.

Ah, I didn't know if you'd received the gecko one! Glad you liked it, and the last illustrated story icon is hilarious. Your tale shall now be legend. Also, John in that poster? So Hot. And hurt. Aw.

I thought I sent you feedback of squee! God, I'm sorry! That just *killed me*. I laughed myself sick, it was so accurate.

Thank you, belatedly then. It toally made my day.

The covers are so gorgeous I am speechless (John, indeed!), and the new picture and icons of you made me laugh. But mostly I'm speechless because I keep scrolling up.

Scrolling up?

*pets John*

Scrolling up to look at the covers. And I just did it again. Gah. Brain off-line.

Yay! You got my email! *Very* glad you liked the wallpapers. Like I said, great excuse to look for screencaps of John confined and/or deadly. *g* Thank you for writing the story to begin with!

Also, that Mexico City cover is just amazing, and I love the gecko saga, too.

Just wanted to let you know that those wallpapers are fucking hot. The dark tones, the composition of the images, everything is just perfect.

Between Jenn's post and your comment, my day is officially made. Thank you!

It was amazing. And seriously, sorry about not answering--I have to move and cut and paste to the web interface right now to send emaila nd the interface is *really awkward*, so I hope this was okay. Seriously. I was *staring* at it going, God. Yes.

thank you again, so much.

Ugh, webmail can be evil, can't it? No problem at *all* about not answering. Thanks for posting them! Totally made my day when I saw your post on my f-list. (There might have been squeeing because you liked them, actually, but nobody can prove nothin'.) And you're quite welcome.

PS -- I have screencaps I haven't used yet. There could be an all-John version, if you're interested...

Your new gekko icon wins. Wins at *everything.*

HEE! It totally is the coolest thing *ever*.


The coldly calculatingly brilliant Rodney and the wounded psycho John in the first Crimes cover ... the gleefully destructive John and Rodney anchoring the rest of the Crimes cast in the second ... how I love that story!

And the Mexico City cover, with hurty John gazing into the distance *awwww* ... what's this about *Panama*?!?!?!?!??? ::big ol' hungry anime eyes stare at you::

And the sketches! Bunnies! Gekko!! Jenn!!! *squee*

*giggels* I was all glowy yesterday from all the pretty fun.

And yes, Panama. I Easter Egged the beginning here. It's moving. Slowly, but it is moving.

*flails* Panama!!!!! *flails more*

I bookmarked those DVD commentaries and put them in a folder to read on a rainy day. And then, you know, Life Happened. So I totally missed that little rainbow bunny seed. But . Rodney . Will . Rescue . John !!!!! *purrrrrrrrr*

That artwork is great *applause* for the makers of everything!!

There's such a talented bunch of people out there.

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