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graphics news from afar

It was like art central around here! *bounces*

Thing One

Okay, first to _medley_ -- Outlook still isn't letting me send email out, only receive it. And btw, later on that if I can't fix this by the end of the weekend. But--oh wow. I love you. *Thank you*.

From _medley_, two Crimes Against Humanity wallpapers.

One and Two. God. That is--*John is*--no words. None. Just wow.

ETA: Apparently the first time you click, it forbids access? But it works the second or third. I have no idea why. I mean, my hotlink protection thing possibly is acting weird, but--okay, it *should* be working now okay. IF there are serious problems, tell me so I can go poke at the htaccess code a bit.

ETA 2: Okay, sageness says that when she opens this post off flist, it works the first time, so it's definitely my hotlink protection being stupid. I have allowed and, but I'm not sure how to wildcard all subdomains of lj. I'll try and find where I got this code to see if it has a way to do that.

Sorry about that! I'm working on the problem!

Thing Two

And girlnamedpixley finished off her cover series with a cover for Mexico City, but I was required to swear in blood that Panama would be finished before I saw it. So. Yes.

God. John.

Thing Three

And finally, after pretty pleasing thecaelum she agreed to do me a favor. ileliberte did some *hysterical* sketches of me and my rabbit and also of me and the gekko that one time, and I asked thecaelum if she could icon them for me. So. Yeah. Here they aer.

Based off of this entry.

This has been *such* a good couple of days. Damn.
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