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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - string theory, a concerto for Violin in D Minor
children of dune - leto 1
String Theory, a Concerto for Violin in D Minor by toft_froggy

A lot of stories leave me shaky. This one left me breathless. It's beautiful.

ETA: Could someone email toft for me and tell her I'm offering space on my website to mirror it if she wants? Apparently, my email? Is very not working, in a very frustraing adn bitter way.

Oh my GOD geocities, what the *hell*?

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Yours is the second rec on my flist tonight, and I might be chewing through my keyboard that I can't read it.


I saw that she'd posted while I was at work, and I clicked on it but didn't have time to read and now I'm home and she's already exceeded her bandwidth.


AHHH! I had this open, was getting really absorbed and then my cat closed the window! *glares at cat* Does anyone have a saved copy or know how to get a hold of her?

*cries, because she lacks access to story*

Also dying to read...please post an alt link if you ever get one.

Is this posted anywhere other than geocities?

am so sad, damn geocities.

I just managed to read it! Who said keeping stupid hours didnt pay off!

So wonderful! Thanks so much for the rec, speaking from a musicans point of view it captured the emotions so perfectly!

Absolutely agree about the breathless thing! Its almost tiring by the end, fabulous!

breathless was totally the word i used to describe it too :).

i sent toft_froggy an e-mail with your offer, but frankly my e-mail has been totally wonky today too, so i don't know how much good that'll do.

Damn my fanfic shame! I had this story open, then had to go make dinner, so I closed the window, thinking that my husband teases me enough about fanfic, I didn't really need to explain *why* John & Rodney are suddenly musicians, should he happen to sit down at the computer.

Then I came back, and couldn't reload it! Woes!

Thanks for the rec; several people have offered her space, which would be great because I can't read it! and, as we all know, fanfic revolves around me. heh. The weird thing is, I just finished re-reading Second Skin...

Oh well, there's always Rocky and Bullwinkle to console me until it reloads. Or, maybe Deadwood.

Weeping because of geocities. It is hell!

This is so unfair! :(

Heh--I'll tell her, if no one else has yet. Isn't it great? *happy*

I've formatted it for LJ now, and am looking into getting a new host for my site. Thanks for the rec, I'm really glad you liked it!

It's working as of 8:11 AM Eastern time.

Oh, thanks a lot for the rec, I loved it!!

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