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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is actually happening
children of dune - leto 1
So I am listening to Michelle Branch's Goodbye to You and connecting on a previously unknown level with it.

I've decided this is my John/Wraith song.

I'm quite aware this is a sign of an impending mental breakdown, but I just went through my library and realized that Avril Lavigne--Avril Lavigne! has sung their anthem, My Happy Ending. I've also added it to my current active playlist. I have never hated myself more.

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I'm sure I can send you some Enya back. Or maybe Enya's sister?

I like to think my lj can make other people feel better about themselves.

You've seen Hard Core Logo, haven't you? There's a rocking Billy/Joe vid to My Happy Ending. I have a secret, shameful, liking for that song. She's so bratty and sincere in it.

John/Wraith. Think of all the footage there could be for vids!

OMG SHUT UP! I have this--this *image*--and I keep wanting to find a vidder I can blackmail to make it for me. It would be so beautiful.

AND OMG there is this Gladiator vid to it? That kicks *ass*. I'm all--GOD PRETTY AND THEIR LOVE IS SO SCREWED.

I just had a sudden vision of a Steve-POV vid to You Oughta Know - all about how John's moved on to NEW WRAITH BOYFRIENDS, with lots of violence standing in for their deep and pure emotions.

Oh dear God I hate you. John whores himself out to any Wraith or Wraith-like alien that passes by, poor Steve alone and hurt, *so hurt*.

You? Are going to *hell*.

Because Steve's *there*! To remind John of the mess he left when he went away. And it's not *fair* to deny Steve the cross he bears that John gave to him.

Plus, "older version of me?" So the Defiant One.

...oh my God you are making this--this logical.

*blank horror*

And John, with all these other Wraith, leaving poor, poor Steve behind.

Every single vid idea I ever have is CRACK! Pure and total crack.

"the mess you left when you went away" could be *so many* things. Hoff, the Genii, Sheppard shooting Bob (and looking scorchingly hot, OMG).

If you did this? I'd do anything you wanted.

*huge eyes*

God. I can *see* this. With the dramatic pain of Steve, and John's slutty moving from Wraith to wraith to wraith....


I'm seeing somebody this weekend. I may have to raise the possibility with her.

I love that John/Wraith makes SO MUCH SENSE. I mean, in SG-1 Jack/Thor is practically canon, so why not have John flirting his way among the Wraith?

Yes it makes sense. Because you *drove me insane* and now all I can think is JOHN/WRAITH OH GOD WHY DID I NOT SEE THE TRUTH BEFORE?


"I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner" - can you say Conversion?

oh man. setting aside the john/wraith part - which is equally unsettling and intriguing - I wanted to say that I get all choked up by that particular michelle branch song, because joss put it in tabula rasa when tara and giles both leave. and I've always associated it with that. isn't it horrible how tv - or, to a similar extent, vidders - can make you blind to your own musical taste? not that I don't like the song, but, yeah. it means something so much bigger all of a sudden.

I LOVE that song FOR that show, dammit. Tabula Rasa with flashse of Tara packing and Giles in teh plane--God. Yes.

huh. i've had them both on my playlist for awhile. i feel a little less losery now.

Unrelated -- Weather.com tells me that Hurricane John may hit Puerto Vallarta.

"Residents and tourists should keep a very close eye on the latest developments concerning Hurricane John. The resort of Puerto Vallarta is under a tropical storm watch."

*grins* That should not be as funny as it is. But it really, really is.

*shakes head*

*laughs* I've been away from LJ for a week of horrible moving into a fantastic house, and this is the first post of yours I read. I had the urge to bury my head in my hands and ask how much did fandom change while I was gone, and then I remembered... well, I remembered that this is *you*. I don't know why I'm surprised.

(However, it made me giggle and for that I'm thankful. *hugs*)

Aww! Welcome back, sweeets!

LOL! John/Wraith is canon, I'm telling you:

1) Steve
2) Bob
3) Defiant One
4) John turns himself into a Wraith to try things from their POV (think of the insight he's got)
5) John turns Wraith into human to have them try things from his end (Michael first and then a whole *Hive*)
6) John decides he likes his Wraith unchanged and goes back to the beginning (nameles prisoner Wraith)

Poor Steve, I feel so bad for him. He probably thought John would be faithful, and then... a whole Hive!

I can't wait for Rodney to find out about this. He'll be, "OMG! It's not just ascendent women; it's male wraith! You, you Kirk!" *creates biggest, baddest, mass-destruction weapon in two galaxies and exterminates Wraith and Ancients and then Oris, just to be on the safe side*; *wins Nobel*; *gets John*, The end.

I've decided this is my John/Wraith song.

I think that sentence right there? Is the terrorists winning.

[loves you]

*happy* It's *logical*.

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