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huh and cool
children of dune - leto 1
BSKX 3020 Beginning Medieval Riding (12.0 hours/$120.00/$3.50 Insurance)
Learn to do battle on horseback! Students must have walk/trot experience. Course will cover lance, arrows, and sword work. Students may bring their own horse. Class will visit jousting tournament during course.

Seriously. This is an actual class.

And you don't even have to bring your own horse.

Made. Of. Cool. Seriously. Should I take this?

I *want* to. I mean--yes, death by horse hooves, so in my future--but man. What a very quaint way to go.


Wish they had classes like that around here.

I'm frankly shocked they have this *here*.

Will you learn to jump over the stone cows horses?

Oh my god, where in TX is this? Any way to get all 12 hrs in like 3 days? Because seriously, I'd get a hotel room. Seriously.

I already do archery and I play a medieval sword-fighty game-thing and OMG I WANT this class.

Yes, take the class! Do it for me if not yourself.

found it online. Crap. That's far. And not cram-able.

(Deleted comment)
*grins* It would be cool, wouldn't it?

Wow, I bet the lab fees are killer.

I should check, but it acts like it's not too high.


I'm fondly recalling the trail ride in MN, and your reaction to going down that hill.

If you take this class, I wish I could see it. *g*

If I take it, I will have someone record it *just for you*.

And hey, I was *fine* going downhill. I had issues, you know, not dying, but otherwise? I was fine.

I'm staring in thought!

If you don't take this, you'll be kicking yourself for missing the opportunity.

I know!

If I knew they'd do it next year, I could do the quick course on riding to assure I will be ready not to, say, fall off. Cause this is too cool. Dammit.

Jealous am I. (My speech patterns Yoda-like are because I am green as he.)

Well, do you have health insurance? :D

True. *thoughtful* Lots of it.

<-- Refrains from using "The Doctor laughs at your stupidity" icon in favor of mounted charge

I'm noting the "Students must have walk/trot experience," in the description and concluding that this is an intermediate course. I'm drawing some conclusions regarding your own riding experience level based on some of the comments and your replies, and suggesting that the prudent thing to do would be to contact someone or other with regards to the course and find out the odds of this being offered again anytime soon. If you can pick it up next year, do the learner stuff first.

But if this turns out to be a one-shot deal (like the "Languages of Science Fiction" course I lucked out on finding in the only semester it was apparently ever offered at UT), you're definitely going to be kicking yourself for having missed out. Hmm. When does it start and what are your options for picking up some quick riding experience in the intervening period?

Man. If I had any horseback riding experience that was, say, *less than 20 years old* I'd be right next to you, signing up, camera in hand for posterity's sake.
Now I have to look through the ACC catalog again. I want/need to take their jewelry fab classes, but they're all at Riverside. Which is on the other side of the county from me, these days. So, um, no.

I want! Except I’m still learning trot. Hee, even the boyfriend says he’d take such a class with me (though he has much less riding experience than even me).