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quick recs

Two I ran across while braving the backlog of my friends list. I didn't see them recced anywhere else, so thought I'd throw them out.

Respire by martianhousecat. You may remember me reccing the Ten Things Lex Luthor Wouldn't Do thing, and the kick-ass Lillianfic, and yep, same person. And a very, very haunting story. Very highly recommended. The author's looking for critique, so drop some. Frankly, I couldn't find a damn thing to criticize. I haven't been so amazingly creeped out since Hope's The Fifth Season. Fabulous Lex pov, and just THINK about this story after you read. Damn.

100 Challenge Ficlet by attolia. *grins* I seriously love dammitcarl's make up challenge. And this is cute. Seriously so. Love it.

100 Challenge Ficlet by harriet_spy, another entry in dammitcarl's challenge. Hee! This is SO cool. Read read read.

That only leaves--er, a million ficlets to go. Dear God. Okay. Am going to read and comment, dammit. Starting--er, later.
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