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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh my god the boredom
children of dune - leto 1
So far I have sent two sad email to svmadelyn in various stages of bored, bored, bored, so bored, I will die I am so bored. I have reached a new low. I am slowly but steadily working on my spam blacklist of viagra and cialis ads. Configuing my spam filter? Is truly a last resort.

Anyone else have anything interesting? Fic? Sudden, inexplicable need to share? Go for it. I am in that place.

Perhaps you'd like to write a story featuring the two latest people to send me spam: Bags Uppercut and Playlists Dime. *g*

I wonder if spam would count as fandom? *curious*

I am staring in despair at the godforsaken novel I've decided I need to write, having somehow or other talked myself into writer's block. This is about as much fun as a pumpkin seed husk caught between your back molars.

I will be refreshing this post in the hopes your flist will distract me from my gloom.

God. that *is* bad. *sends you hugs*

And yes, my flist needs to *step up* already. WE NEED ENTERTAINMENT!

trinityofone just posted a new Puddlejumpers story.<--my happy place. PS John is fucked-up in it, so it will be your happy place, too -- though sadly there is no bleeding.

Heh, no, I finished my fucked-up John phase a while back. but thanks!

One of the multitudinous projects I'm working on at the moment is an Atlantis AU.

I like to call it Atlantis: City of the Future!

Designed and built during the 'technology' boom of the 50's, Atlantis was supposed to be a glimpse into the future of the modern city. Though it was technologically advanced for the time and a marvel of modern engineering and architecture, Atlantis fell into disrepair and corruption.

The criminal element stepped into the vacuum left by Atlantis' lackadasical governing body. The Wraith are an organized crime ring that have been sucking the life out of Atlantean business through protection money and graft. They are brutal and without compassion.

The Genii are more of a street gang and are in direct opposition to the Wraith. Originally a group of disgruntled citizens and business owners, the Genii slowly became more and more criminal, believing that they only way to defeat the Wraith was to fight fire with fire.

For decades this has gone on in Atlantis, but recently, there has been an upsurge in community involvement in the clean up effort. To that end, a new mayor, Elizabeth Weir, and a new Chief of Police, Stephen Caldwell, were elected on a tough anti-corruption platform.

It's an uphill battle, though. The community is scared and the police are outgunned by both the Wraith and the Genii. In addition, there is still a lot of corruption within the police department, but Caldwell has one squad he knows is clean: Bates, Stackhouse, Markham, Cadman, and Lorne. He also has made sure the crime labs (Parrish, Miko, Simpson, & Grodin) and coroner's office (Carson & Biro) are clean.

Another problem the police face is a small band of vigilante citizens. Though everyone knows their leaders are Teyla Emmagen and Ronon Dex, no one can prove anything. Even Teyla and Ronon are caught unaware when a new, high-tech vigilante shows up, though. This unnamed man appears occassionally to wreak havoc within both criminal organizations and literally nothing is known about him.

Now, Rodney McKay is an eccentric billionaire genius inventor (of course). He runs a small, but extremely profitable tech firm out of his family estate. He's known to be misanthropic, rude, and generally unpleasant to be around. In fact, no one bothers to seek his company except for Radek Zelenka, whom the world at large assumes to be one of Rodney's scientists. This is untrue. Radek is his creative partner ("Lab assistant!" Rodney insists) and co-conspirator in their personal war against crime in Atlantis.

John Sheppard is a private detective, formerly a member of the Atlantis PD. He was drummed out of the PD by Caldwell's predecessor, Everett, on trumped up corruption rumors to cover up Everett's own involvement with the Genii. Rather than face a fixed IA investigation, John retired from the force and opened up his own office with his rookie partner, Ford, who followed him when he left the PD. Sadly, Ford was killed by the Wraith and that loss eats at John.

John and Rodney meet when Radek decides to call a PI to solve an industrial espionage issue at the tech company...

Oh my god I so want to read this.

I can send you some bad fic in a ton of fandoms, so you can be tramatized and bored.


what sort of badfic? Crying type, or actual tears of blood?

Bored. Bored bored bored.

Not for a lack of things to do, mind you - there's a lot I really should be doing -, but because my attention span is still stuck at something like three minutes. :-(


I need *motivation*.

I'm annoyed, at a truly clueless coworker. I'll trade you.

Hmm. *eyes telephone lines* How do you feel about an endless parade of very whiney people?

There is not a single fandom I have ever seen that I don't want to write a Big Brother AU for. It doesn't even matter how much canon I don't know anymore. I want people locked in a relatively small area forced to backstab each other.

Also, I want them to get a trampoline.

And Neil Patrick Harris.


Atlatnis *is* Big Brother!

...though now you tempt me toward steering you that direction.

I wish I were bored. That's the kind of day I'm having. On the train I tried to answer my email and write New Atlantis porn in my head (not John/Kolya, despite what someone, who is clearly not my friend, suggested), but it wasn't happening. Maybe I should pay a ghost writer to do it for me. Eventually, I'll be found out and exiled from fandom in disgrace, and in a couple of years someone will post an epic recupitulation of my downfall on journalfen. With sockpuppets.

See. That kind of day.

Mmm. Epic recupitulation. That sounds so much less boring than anything I'm doing right now.

I'd offer you my clients, but so far, I feel like I'm talking to vegetables. Not even sentient ones.

One joke, courtesy Jack Handey who is brilliantly out of his mind:
Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes, that way when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

One flash animation of horses that...well, click on each with the speaker on :)

One shameless pimp of my artwork because I am fond of it and (see above) am shameless:

And the crowning glory- The End of the World:

I got a spam email from "colon" with the subject "defecation".

Does someone really expect that I will open that?

When random word generators go wrong.

Film at 11.

If you are really that bore I have a SGA ficlet in need of a beta. My usual betas come from another fandom, and can't help me with this. It's inspired by Common Ground. The summary could as well be, "there is much John Sheppard does not know about Wraith." It explores the Gift of Life and its consequences.

If you really are in that place and feel like giving it a go, I'd appreciate it. But if you are not that bore yet, feel free to say no. I will not be hurt, or offended, or anything of the sort.

Ooh. email. Do you mind if I send it back tonight or do you need it like, in teh next two hours?

(Deleted comment)
...it got really really wet and it was chilly outside? *hopeful*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I was bored too, but also had a scratchy throat--and all my work was with other people so they could do things to it. So I left, right before it started raining. I really really liked walking across the parking lot in the rain.

And we do need to get together and bond over John, Rodney, and two weeks wait before the next ep. lillian dot butler @ sbgclobal.net or lillian78756 on yahooIM.

Oh, yeah, something for you to look at:

Re: It rained! OMG!

Sorry about the late reply! BAD WEEK OF HORROR HERE. If by horror you mean boredom. I'm still checking on this weekend, since my niece's paretns are doing some thing, but I have no idea if they wnt her with me or not. I'll get back to you by Friday if that's okay. Otherwise, next weekend is perfect.