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sgareview - common ground, s3e7
dangerous sheppard
Um, yeah. This is squee. This is the pure, uncut stuff.

still with the paper bagCollapse )

Re: John still being alive after four feedings, I think it ties back to the Wraith referring to him as the strongest human he's encountered, and wanting to John to still hope for and believe in his friends coming for. I don't think there's a lot of hope in the Pegasus Galaxy for humans and that John has so much of it, and so much conviction and belief, strengthens him in so many ways. I'm not discounting the Ancient gene, or the Iratus bug conversion...but I also can't discount that it's simpler and more human than that, too.

Also, I read this: I want John to wake up and still feel that, the shocked pain of first contact and last contact, when his life was drained away to the final seconds--and that perfect moment when the Wraith gave it all back, and how he did it, and why.

And I got something of a scene in my head. I was wondering if you'd mind my running with it?

I absoluetly loved this epi for more than just the reason that it's the first I've gotten to watch on a TV instead of my comp (no cable at home).

I absolutely loved the interaction between John and the Wraith. And a little surprised John didn't name him. The wraith giving John back his life even though he expected to be killed soon after was amazing insight into the Wraith. I really hope we learn more about the Wraith.

And the voice in John's head? I think it's probably one of two people. ROdney (telling him not to be stupid and stay alive) or his father (just telling him he's stupid and good for nothing.)

I loved this one to. Something about the killing everyone in sight and being in perfect timing with the wraith, leather and knife throwing....

anyway, there is just so much to love about this ep. and I think everyone has been hitting on the love spots already so just a few added spots for me...

I get the idea that the wraith talking to John and using John's name and John not giving him a name was something meaningful, it MENT something, something big and then the giving life back, he was stopped before he finished so now I am wondering just how much life he had planned to give to John esp after Rodney saying John looks younger now than before. What about that whole there is more to wraith than you know bit? Those spots have so much hidden meaning and subtext in them it is driving me nuts not KNOWING.

And then when the team finds John, god their faces! there was total shock and joy and auwh(?)and I thought fear to. Did you see the way Rodney and Carson were looking at him when John walked past them? I thought they were looking at him with joy that he was alive but at the end it was fear to because he was alive and maybe because he was younger than when he left atlantis. I could be wrong but it looked to me like Rodney and Carson stepped back a bit when John stepped between them like they maybe feared him and didn't want to touch him or be touched or something. Also-no one touched John-that just kinda stuck out for me. They usually pat each on the back and such but no one touched John-they just stared and kinda kept their distance. That has to mean something. I could have miss read it though. The team not rushing to surround him and hug or touch just seemed so wrong and out of place.

Now I want to know what the repercussions are going to be. There is the kinda bond with the strange wraith (he looks a bit different from all the others we have seen and acts different-come on he chats, bickers and jokes/laughs sorta with John.), the life gift and the youth. I like tenillypo idea about maybe other wraith can sence it and that it marks him somehow like maybe he is considered that wraiths properity or something it could mean alot of things. How are the lanteans going to treat John now (he was torchured before their eyes, feed on multiple times, pretty much died, formed a bond/deal whatever with a wraith, escaped, been brought back to life, younger, didn't kill the wraith and kept his promise to the wraith and let the wraith go) Oh, and hello-this is the second time John has talked a wraith into helping him and the whole not-sex but ok, sex (call it what you like moment.) That giving life back had to be pretty darn intimate. The wraith can interrigate people by reading there thoughs while feeding off them so what was the wraith getting from John when he was feeding off him and then giving it back and what was John getting from the wraith cause I refuse to think that life link thing was a one way street.. Ah well, this was just suppose to be a short blurb so I guess I need to shut up now.

When I first saw the wraith in the pilot I got the vampire parallel. It looks even stronger now. It's Dracula feeding on Mina and Lucy, but killing one and grooming the other for wife. It's draining all except the most special, and then draining to near-death, but giving back all plus immortality. Which of course makes me wonder if a side-effect of this gift for John will be something like a wraith lifespan. Because wouldn't that be cool?

I haven't read the comments above, nor have I participated in a chat. Other's probably talked this idea to death last night. I'm SO out of the loop on all things SGA. Sorry. But a thousand year old John. *ponders*


This commentary is almost as orgasm-inducing as the episode! No, actually it's *more* because I could tap into your John is #1 fangirling love whilst reading, but during viewing my own Rodney is #1 fangirling love distracted me with those fangirling love questions (as it does).

OMG Yes. To everything. I'm still feeling breathless after this ep, and I don't think that's gonna go away any time soon.

Wow. I harth your review. Word.

I like the "Everybody Loves John" nickname for this episode. I'm going to remember that forever. Thanks for pointing that post my direction.

Wonderful recap of the show, I found myself nodding and agreeing (out loud. In an empty apartment at 4:30 in the morning.) and still riding the absolute high of the episode.

I am pretty much in total agreement with everything you said. Everybody Loves John. And John does not lose faith in his team. I could've died a happy woman for that alone.

Rodney getting very--excitable--when he saw John tied to the chair? Fantastic. Talking *over* Elizabeth? Also fantastic. Just barreling through, screw the small talk.

That was just wonderful. Kolya has haunted Atlantis for almost three years. Elizabeth has had to (attempt) negotiations with him, but John has had to face him, soldier-to-soldier, and Rodney has on two separate occasions, found himself at the mercy of this man with the threat of physical violence and/or torture. I can't imagine that there aren't still some nights where Kolya haunts Rodney's nightmares. And yet, faced with a mental torture that could cripple someone (watching a friend--or more, depending on your prescription--slowly killed in front of you) Rodney remains defiant, in control, and doesn't let himself think of failure. Love it.

Later, Rodney doing his soldier speech--I've said it before, I'll say it again. He's a soldier. They send Marines, uberwarriors Ronon and Teyla, and *Rodney* (and Carson, yes, but he had a handgun, not a P-90). We've established the team does everything together now. And I love that. I just love that.

*nods* And the speech, it's what *John* would say to his troops, to his team (and Carson was the one who didn't get it.) They're all in this together. Brilliant.

I hadn't thought about the Wraith taking John's life to keep him from fighting the Genii soldiers. I like that.

Thank you for making me think, I'm going to have to watch the episode again, now :)

Amen, sister.

Rodney is John's best bud, check.
Knife-throwing, check.
John Sheppard, check.
most devout, and brothers, check.

I want to meet Nameless Wraith again, oh yes. I've been wondering off and on about Wraith society and reproduction. We see two types of male and one female, but no female we see really looks like she's pumping out offspring to replenish the hive.

It would be a lovely and predictable arc for the Wraith John escaped with to be someone of importance, who can enable an eventual truce or treaty based on truth and mutual assured destruction.

**sigh** Just watched this episode. LOVED this episode. Can foresee much fanfic about the new Wraith info gained from this episode. And, oh yeah, John may suck at sharing his feelings but he somehow manages through sheer force of will/charisma/heroic self-sacrifice to make admirers of everyone. Even those trying to kill him (Kolya you bastard!)

Looking very much forward to the next time John and Kolya meet.

And OMG looking forward to the next time John and this Wraith meet. Like him MUCH better than Michael.

Oh and I as always enjoy your recaps because I generally agree with the squee and the anti-squee and your writing style is so entertaining :)