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There are few benefits to my job other than the satisfaction of a job well done, feeling superior when someone has to be told what an ombudsman is (I get to spell it out!), and occasionally, there is food in the office. With The Great Birthday Committee Derailing, in which all our projects were scrapped, we all took a passive-aggressive approach to birthdays that, I'm sure, are making them wonder at my effectiveness as a leader of partygoers.

I have to admit, I get a kind of sick and wrong satisfaction in this.

However, an event two days ago brightened my life a great deal--now I not only wield the non-existent authority of my job, but I can trick other people into believing I am All Powerful.

It started with a client, who needed assistance, since someone with far less brains than the average root vegetable told her that her Medicaid was canceled. Technically, it had been, so another form of Medicaid could take it's place. So she had medicaid for her disabled daughter who needed twenty-four hour care. Somehow--and I have no idea how--the vegetable person told her that a.) her medicaid no longer existed, b.) didn't tell her that the child had only been moved to another Medicaid case and c.) to please leave her alone.

Clt states, I will get you on three way to speak to this person. I leaned back in my chair, Sheppard-like, accessed my inner Rodney (you can tell tonight is OMG SGA OMG YAY! episode), and drawled--and yo, some of you have heard me drawling--"Sure thing."

First, the client unsuccessfully tried to navigate the rocky roads of regional office, with a lot of people with no clear idea why they exist. she asked and asked and people started being annoying, so, still slumping (and smirking, cause omg, so much fun) I broke in on the conversation.

"This is Jenn X of Agency, blah blah blah explanation, may I please speak to Vegetable Person?" It was *astonishing* how fast I got someone to help. Well, four someones, one after the other. Gah.

I feel very powerful and possibly entering the dark side. I really don't care.

In closing.

I'm bored. All the universe is annoying me, except for the people who bear chocolate, who make me happy. And OMG SGA ON TONIGHT MUST BRING PAPER BAG AND NOT HYPERVENTILATE.

I've decided embracing my inner fangirl nut is so much less exhausting than fighting it off any longer.
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