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children of dune - leto 1
To get myself in the mood, I'm listening to lots of Lennon, The Calling, and to really get into the romantic girly mood of maximum schmoop, boybands! I should add in some Alanis there.

Okay, for a fic, questions for the flist.

1.) A very cool military helicopter that Jack would take John joyriding in.

2.) SG1 season information: what season did the SGC formally align with the Asgaard? When were the NID introduced and found to be scary? Related to--who heads up the sciences at the SGC? Do they have one overall or only department heads per division or what? This is stuff I feel I should know and do not.

3.) Um, I might have more later. Working inside the SG1 universe is not easy.

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I don't know any of the answers to your questions, but Arduinna does. She knows eeeeeverything and she wrote it all down in the Stargate SG-1 Handbook. And she has one for SGA, too.

Aren't fans wonderful? :-)

2) They met the Asgard in s2 "The Fifth Race," and signed the treaty in 3x03 "Fair Game."

Strictly speaking, Sam and Daniel first met Thor in "Thor's Chariot," but who cares. And the NID turned up during season two too (I think "Touchstone" is the episode where SG-1 really realises they're not nice people). Head of science at the SGC: I'd guess Dr. Lee (the scientist in "Critical Mass") at the moment.

Attack helicopters! John says he can fly an Apache or a Cobra.... The Kiowa is a scout helicopter, but it's cute and small and has maneuverability.

*going back to the grindstone*

Also, sorry to be a nit-pick, but Asgard, not Asgaard.

stealth (aka 'spy') helicopters

"Comanche, Blackhawk...", yeah. Stealth helicopters are SO John. Scary as fuck and coming at you out of nowhere, leaving nothing behind but a gently glowing smear; or, simply there and then, gone. No one the wiser. Cool!

For quick-and-dirty reference the Gateworld Omnipedia has a keyword search. Depending on your connection, it might be slow, though.

The Apache is *awesome*. Slim and deadly and John's flown them before, so he wouldn't need to get extra instruction or anything. I swear I just saw in Jane's that an upgrade program was approved, so maybe a demo model of what the upgrade would be?

OR!!!! How about a Soviet-designed helicopter that the Air Force acquired in sneaky ways? I talk here about the KA-50 Black Shark, which is ULTRA COOL because it has coaxial rotors instead of a tail rotor. Incredibly maneuverable - the documentary I watched made my jaw drop with what it could do.

Re question 2: the only thing we know about the organization of the SGC has to do with the SG teams. If you're looking for a character to head up the sciences, I think Dr. Lee would be a good choice. He's shown up in a lot of SG-1 episodes the past couple of years.

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