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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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morning mmm
children of dune - leto 1
A lot of personal happiness in fandom can be assured by really *good* filters and never looking directly at the newsletter's episode review section. Though now that the warnings debates have passed, I can say truthfully that if we could adopt a standard of warnings for episode reviews? I would not object.

1.) McKay Unfriendly (acronym: MU) - he reminds me of that guy in work that totally fucked up my presentation, and right, there's no actual resemblance but I'm projecting here! And no matter what he does in this ep? It sucks because he sucks and should die die die and then eat a lemon, and this time a real one! Look! Mean to everyone! Kill him!

2.) Sheppard Unfriendly (acronym: SU) - he reminds me of that football player in high school that used to stuff me in the locker. Well, no, I have no proof he was anythinglike that guy, but I totally need to project here and get over my teen trauma! So everything he does in this ep is obviously wrong adn evil and meant to keep Rodney down! Bastard!

3.) Anyone But McKay/Sheppard Unfriendly (GAY) (Gave up on acronyms) - Wait. This isn't a gay space pirate show? Sure it is! THey just keep forgetting and doing other shit. Quit that!

4.) Show Unfriendly (STUPID) - I am watching this specifically to unload my vitriolic hatred on an unsuspecting population. For. Every. Episode.


You know, I need to do a count, but I think we're near a hundred stories called and a lot finished. ther'es still--er--six weeks until the end fo the challenge. I sort of didn't expect everyone jumping-to. Huh. Nice.


Staring at anything in my WIP folder over twenty thousand words makes me morose. I really just want to snippet randomly and drink a lot of coffee. So. Offering up Strangerverse if you are following it--anything particular you want to see? Besides Sheppard/AUMcKay sex, cause right now that would be traumaizing. For me, I mean. Orgasms are always good. I just have this horrible suspicion my inner-twelve-year old would break free and have them crying during profoundly good anal sex.

But snippets! Maybe working outside my own head would help.

Also, Mr. Waffles sprayed me again. No matter how many times I'm told this is a sign of affection? I'm wondering.

Hee! I totally applaud and support your ratings system. The (STUPID) designation in particular would be so very, very handy.

Agreed on the review acronyms, especially the last one. Don't watch my show if you already despise it and just want to piss on my parade. I've gotten a lot faster at backtracking from such reviews, fortunately.

I'd like acronyms for reviews that bash *any* character - seriously! :D Character bashing is so one of my pet peeves. It's amazing I've stayed in fandom this long! *g*

(Deleted comment)
*raises hand* I'd like an acronym for Obsessive Compare/Contrast. Which is not necessarily vitriolic, and can be pretty interesting, but is at its heart "SGA vs. SG-1 Deathmatch!" or "SGA vs. Joss Deathmatch!" or "SGA vs. [insert ideology here]-ism Deathmatch!" or "SGA vs. My Perfect Writing Staff Deathmatch!"

And Strangerverse! For some reason I would like to see either of them making fun of the other by imitating them (and also the absent versions). Sheppard getting annoyed at Rodney and doing the hand thing. Rodney putting his hands on his hips.

Other than people's reactions to the AUMcKay arriving - how he arrived and what people reacted like? I think I would like to see him and Zelenka trying to communicate with John...you know...around. John is my favorite decoration. He's just so damn pretty.

As for the episode reviews, there are only a few I can read. So many do the STUPID ones and I always want to do the head swat and ask why they are watching. I haven't come across any MUs or SUs and don't know what would happen if I did. I mean, how can you hate Rodney? Or John? It is against the laws of god and man!

I would suggest an additional rating, building off of the first two:

Rated W for WOOBIE:
(A) Someone was mean to my favorite character, so the episode sucked.
(B) My favorite character wasn't in the episode, so it sucked.
(C) My favorite character got the best line of the episode and/or got to outsmart/outbitch McKay/Sheppard/Weir, so it was the bestest episode ever.
(D) My favorite character got an extra line that could be interpreted as character development (for very small values of character development that may require my total delusional vision) and thus it was the greatest episode ever.

For (A) and (B), anyone who like the episode should be mocked without mentioning names and possibly defriended. For (C) and (D), anyone who didn't like the episode is just trying to pee in the collective cornflakes of fandom.

Strangerverse.... taking AURodney on a mission to a planet that knew RealRodney?

Oooh, that one was so obvious, how could I miss it? *bounces*

I have learned to hate the word woobie so *much*.

I salute your warning system, because that's exactly it. 1 and 2 in particular make me want to throw things at people through the screen. Actually 3 does that also. And 4.

As irritating as all the review with those (potential) ratings are, somehow I find myself getting most annoyed at the GAY one because it manages to combine an amazing amount of obliviousness and fact-twisting with quite a bit of character bashing for everyone but M and S. Even though John occupies a special place in my heart, I feel I should make a shrine for Elizabeth just because. At least the STUPID one does it equally for everyone.
Strangerverse is so tragically beautiful. Could the scientists and Sheppard reach an understanding? I love the scientists and I love Sheppard, having the former blame (or maybe now feel guilty about blaming) the latter is making me very sad. I would offer art if that would make you somewhat un-morose, although everyone would look very sad in it. I do have X-men atlantis on my journal from Trinityofone's fic if you need a strangeness cheer-up with John in high collars and Teyla with glowing eyes.

I love your rating system. Now if only someone would read all those reviews and label them for me! It would make my life so much easier.

As for Strangerverse, have I told you yet how very much I love that? I especially love that you're not taking shortcuts, but making it feel so very real. What I'd like to see, personally, is some more of AU!Rodney's reaction to military!Sheppard, maybe during a crisis situation.

I love your rating system. Now if only someone would read all those reviews and label them for me! It would make my life so much easier.

I can actually *see* the flamewars from here. It would be awesome.

Stupid, yes! I approve this system of you.

Hmm, Strangerverse. I love all the comparing and contrasting. So, um, more flashbacks of John/Sheppard's Mckay?

Strangerverse: I'd like to see a small pre-catastrophe slice-of-life scene for each of them.

Even though this could lead to the readers crying. Possibly (in the case of Rodney's universe) during profoundly good anal sex.

IE, I want to see what they each *lost*.

Your rating system should be distributed far and wide. I just can't read reviews anymore after the ridiculousness that was lemongate.

I wandered over so I could reread the strangerverse stories. I'd like to see the Colonel and Rodney having fun. Or just laughing together, forgetting all the baggage for a few moments. But then I'm sure someone will remember the baggage and get sad.

I can't come up with anything else -- things were perfect for me when Sheppard put his head in Rodney's lap at the end of Goodbye.

I really like your rating system. Really.

Snippeting: McKay trying to come to grips with the friendship between this universe's Teyla, Ronon, and Sheppard.

I'd particulary want a good way to distingush among certain categories of reviews such as:

(a)Certain things are not-my-thing, the review acknowledges that and is mainly about the bits that-are-my-thing. This type of review I like because it concentrates on the positive and doesn't insult the people for whom it is their thing. (Your The Real World review is a great example of that.)

(b)Certain things are Really-Not-My-Thing and the review goes into that, but the review also acknowledges that personal feelings are invloved and that other fans will feel different about the thing. This type of review I have no problem with and even find them quite interesting because the personal subjectiveness is acknowledged in the review. (Besides if I wrote SGA reviews this is how I'd be about Beckett.)

(c) This thing IS-NOT-MY-THING-AND-SHOULDN'T-EVEN-BE-ANYONE'S-THING-EVER and the review goes into that at great length. These are the reviews I really want to avoid.

(By the way great length for me could be one sentence. Examples: "Rodney is a complete asshole and how dare anyone think he deserves any thanks for the job he does; he should thank them for allowing him to be in their presence." "John is a complete jerk who spends all his spare time causing poor woobie!Rodney to burst into tears at the drop of a hat.", "Elizabeth is a completely incompetent leader who just wants to get into John/Ronon/Rodney/Teyla/Caldwell/Whoever's pants.", or "Every character on this show is completely unethical and deliberately cruel to the poor, gentle, and beautiful ex-Wraith."

As for Strangerverse, I'd love to read something about a non-Atlantis point-of-view, Ford, Kolya, Sam, or Jeannie in particular.

Gah, tried to reply to this earlier and I think I hit the wrong thing. Anyway:

Yes, I agree.

"Every character on this show is completely unethical and deliberately cruel to the poor, gentle, and beautiful ex-Wraith."

There should be a whole separate category for that one. And maybe a special codename, like "Darwin Award."