Seperis (seperis) wrote,

sgareview - the real world, s3e6

This isn't even a review. More like a fifteen second glimpse. Okay, longer because I'm not that great a typist, but still.

The greatest sin of this ep was that it basically wasn't about John or Rodney. This isn't a criticism of the ep, it's just where my fannish focus lies. But it seemed solid enough.

1.) Anything involving Jack is of the good. One, I now vaguely want to ship them in a pre-Atlantis one-night stand type of thing. I--huh. Het one night stand. How surreal. But okay. Jack was great. Jack was very Jack, perhaps even a condensed sort of Jack from her memories. They were *fun* together. I was not bored watching her interact with Jack.

2.) Her psychiatrist, shockingly enough, gave off so many creepy vibes I kept feeling I needed a shower to wipe the slime away. I liked Elizabeth's image of a psych ward--very movies, very Cuckoo, very cliched, but probably what anyone who hasnt' spent time in one would imagine. I also liked how she jumped at the chick talking about how the things took her blood, as they were cold--and I'd totally go to the possibly subconscious comparison to Wraith taking souls due to their own lack of souls, but that would be melodramatic.

Oh admit it. You totally went there with that, too.

3.) The moment with the cards was excellent. I mean, *excellent*. I loved that.

4.) Okay, I have seen criticism of John for doing his thing there--which, um, okay, hands raised, after three seasons--when has John *not* looked at danger and thought he should marry it and produce disturbing offspring? This is *John*. It's stupid and weird and emotionally consistent with Sateda and The Storm and The Eye and The Siege and...waaait. Lookie there. Consistency. It is no surprise to anyone that when it comes to how John reacts emotionally, he's of the school of thought that there is no sacrifice too great or too moronic. He's fine when working from an objective place. But OMG FAMILY IN DANGER is a hotwire to his deep, deep need to show love through body counts. Especially his own. And you know, I love him for that. That is so very John.

This is, however, separate from the concept of suicidal. And you know, as a joke, funny, like you know, Rodney getting shot in the ass. Suicial predisposes a desire to end his own life. John seems attached to living, or so Epiphany seems to bring across, but valuing others over himself isn't that. We usually don't associate it as a negative either, but maybe I'm just crazy in kind of admiring loving something or someone so much that you're willing to die for it. Or for them.

5.) Carson and Rodney? Cute. So cute. I love Carson being smart--we don't actually see that enough. We see a lot of implication of it happening off screen, but this? Good stuff. I wnat to like him. I do. And I really don't give a good shit about evil retrovirus crap things. Go Carson! Be smart!

6.) I no longer regret Blond Guy in Space. Freeze, jackass.

7.) I love having Elizabeth backstory. So. Much.

8.) OMG THE TRAILER! CANNOT BREATHE! NO BREATHING! I do not care if it's the worst ep since season four Smallville? This is already in my top ten for pretty much every scene they showed.
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