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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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aww. weird
children of dune - leto 1
From my spambox, from-line:

Vaselined C. Shoulder

Czechoslovakia Q. Desegregated

Misplayed G. Chumming

Demogoguery S. Sylvie

You know, I could swear these are author psuedonyms I've run across before. *thoughtful*

Has anyone, in history, *ever* opened mail with a from line like that? Though I'm tempted toward Demogoguery. I'd call her Demo for short. Hmm.

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No, but whoever writes them should go into business selling them as psuedonyms because some of them are delightfuly quaint sounding. Demogoguery S. Sylvie. I can see that on a name plate now, gleaming with burnished copper...

You have a point. *musing* I could use a new pseudonym.

Demogoguery Chumming De Shoulder. It's like a really surreal statement of intent, isn't it?

A pointy point.

A surreal statement of intent or some sort of bizarre spy-game call sign system, where everyone is allocated bemusing yet revealing handles.

There is charm to it

My spamkiller gives me a twenty line preview. I can tell you now that they often have those strange mini-stories at the top and then cheap viagra etc underneath. Sometimes, it's just the spam stories.

Are the stories supposed to draw you in? *curious*

No, they're trying to fool spam filters into letting them pass as normal email because they don't immediately fit the profile of standard spam. They're the most surreal things ever at times. I should really start saving and posting the good ones.

Also? today I got spam from Gerald Ford. Yeap.

This morning I got a Cialis spam with the from "Hezbollah Leaders". I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

Ooh. Oh. That is awesome.

You get much cooler spam names than I do. I'm stuck with "Oregon Peurto", "Paper Actually", "Izotz Easterling", and for some reason the eternally-popular "CriminalJusticeProgram".

When do you want to get together for lunch/dinner/whatever? My email and Yahoo IM info are on my User Page....

Out of my collected spam nomenclature highlights, I'm saving Marmoset P. Harridan for future pseudonym use.

Hey, you can study for your SAT/GRE vocab while looking through your e-mail!

Hey, it might be kind of fun to write a whole AU filled with fictional spam identities.

Today I got mail from: Hatcheries R. Disarmament, Wrenched C. Headset, Calamitous S. Civilization, Birgitta Harder, Artwork U. Inkbots, Flutura Woodring, Peskiest M. Wafer, and Gerrymandering I. Jailer. And my personal fave, Lockup O. Turtles.

Oh, and by the way, Do you know that whale's dick weighs 1 ton? I have an entire mailbox where I save some of the most surreal subject lines and messages. They start to make a bizarre kind of sense after a while. That probably says more about my state of mind than I should really admit.

This state of mind.... is it being influenced by any mind-altering substances?

Other than spam subject lines, I mean. Gerrymandering?!

your spam is so much cooler than my spam.

The spam at my college email addy is literary. I swear. When you read the subject line, it's fic. But it's nothing I recognize, and the names are always obviously made up spam names. *scratches head*

Well, apparently Tilly Frye wants to force-feed elucidate... me? the world?. Poetically violent. I think the e after the Frye endears her to me more than a simple Fry would have. I did get an email from a J. Shepard once. Close but not quite there.

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