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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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clients are darkness and stuff
children of dune - leto 1

Third verse, same as teh first and second, all in under twenty minutes.

Client: But why can't you do that?
Me: Because I'm not a caseworker.
Client: But I just need the income limits to see how much leeway he has!
Me: *Gives client income limits and does subtraction.*
Client: *triumphant* But the caseworker said something else! Blah blah formula blah blah blah budget blah blah blah specialized knowledge!
Me: Hence the fact I said *I'm not a caseworker* and I don't have that knowledge.
Client: So what do you do?

There were so many ways I could have answered that.

Me: blah blah job description, blah blah flying monkeys.
Client: *unimpressed*

Seriously, this is so not worth putting on eyeliner.

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You wear eyeliner to work? *is impressed*

Sadly, yes. For my *cubicle*. Christ.

I'm in a dress today, which is almost impressive except that it was my only option when I realized none of my shirts were clean. *sigh* People who make it past the dressing stage with enough time and energy left for make-up awe me.

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