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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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clients are darkness and stuff
children of dune - leto 1

Third verse, same as teh first and second, all in under twenty minutes.

Client: But why can't you do that?
Me: Because I'm not a caseworker.
Client: But I just need the income limits to see how much leeway he has!
Me: *Gives client income limits and does subtraction.*
Client: *triumphant* But the caseworker said something else! Blah blah formula blah blah blah budget blah blah blah specialized knowledge!
Me: Hence the fact I said *I'm not a caseworker* and I don't have that knowledge.
Client: So what do you do?

There were so many ways I could have answered that.

Me: blah blah job description, blah blah flying monkeys.
Client: *unimpressed*

Seriously, this is so not worth putting on eyeliner.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm not offended.

I am *wary*, and there's a difference. What I did was post the questions you sent me in a locked post to my flist and asked their opinion on the subject and whether or not I should participate. as the phrasing of some of the questions was--unusual for an unbiased report.

Besides the paste of the questions and reply email, I wrote this:

The first line of the email alludes to my response questioning his reason for writing this. But okay. The thing is? I--don't know where he's going with this. I'm not even sure I like how four and five are phrased. I'm unsure about seven. Sarcasm is not easily rendered textually, and seirously, I just--I don't know.

They ask the same *damn* questions every time. I have this really weird urge to write back and ask him to ask me something *new*, for the love of God and pretty boys. Something different. I've never done this before--the only other time I was mentioned in any kind of article was like, about my *fic* and I wasn't even involved, just found out when my stats page had a weird jump. So. Tell me your experiences if you've done this. Does this sound like it's going to the creepy place of exploitation and agenda or honest curiosity?

Your friend, and I have to assume it's among the three we share, probably posted you the entry verbatim already, so you must be aware of exactly what was and what was not said. Comments I won't comment on--with a flock in place, there is the expectation of confidence and privacy I won't break in what was said to me.

That's pretty much it. At no time did I wander around slamming your article--I asked around to get opinions on the subject.

(Deleted comment)
Okay. You have totally did this in the weirdest way possible, but I'm kind of charmed by the energy here.

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