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lj comments
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, lj comments--

I'm not getting them. Pretty much everything from the last two days, with these exceptions:

a.) One from Amireal and one from Catmoran

b.) 5 that in the 'from' field, it says Livejournal instead of say, username - LJ Comment.

Anyone else having this problem, or is lj slowly but surely turning against me, as I have often suspected would be the case?

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Not just you. Until they get email notification fixed, use Recent Comments.

I've just noticed, on looking at the last few posts I made, that I have more comments to answer than I got in my email, so yeh, happening here too.

I just got back in from my workday, and discovered a ton of responses on our vid post that just didn't get to me in email. So it's not just you.

I've been getting some comment notifications days later for a while now.

I believe LJ is slowly turning against all of us at this point. Mine have been late as well.

Livejournal is out to get us all. :)

no....I haven't had any problems...at least not that I've noticed.

That happened to me too, then I reselected 'email me comments' on the page where you do that and it fixed itself. Are you a perm account? Because it could be related to the new tracking feature they've got going, which is on limited advance release to perm accounts. More info here.

I should mention that the reason it did this is I think because it deslected the email/track option through the message centre, which is how the tracking thing works. But it is worth suffering bugs for, since now we can track comments on other people's posts! And track tags! So if you only want to get someone's fic, and they tag it as such, you can! *bounces*

hmm. not me, but then, I tend to comment in other people's LJs rather than post in my fannish lj :)

This has gone on for weeks in my lj. I receive comments inconsistently in that some arrive in my mailbox, but when I backtrack I find several more that never arrived in my gmail account.

I had the same problem, and it looks like it's because we have permanent accounts. They're trying out a new 'message centre' thing *only* with permanent accounts at the moment. Make sure you're logged in and go here:


If All comments in my journal, on any post. is selected, de-select and save. That fixed my problem, and I started getting my comments as normal again.

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