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Apparently, while I was gone, Child spent most of his days with my sister's soon to be ex-husband, and somehow, while for three months he managed to avoid even a golden sun glow, he got tanned. He's looking too old now. It's disconcerting.

Child started his new school today, looking revoltingly adorable in his red shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes. I mean, seriously. It was almost lethal, the cuteness. I took pictures, because I am a parent and one day, a lot of these are going up on a very large screen at a major birthday party. I haven't decided which birthday, but I'm thinking it'll be when he hits full teenage rebellion and I need a really passive-aggressive way of retaliating when he starts accusing me of being evil and out to keep him down. Randomly, he also resents the fact that I get to color my hair and he doesn't, since he likes the red I'm using now.

Sometimes, this kid boggles me a little.

In his continuing education in all that bad sci-fi has to offer, he's marathoning the end of Farscape season two and picking up a weird thing for Dark Angel. His bitterness over the end of the latest season of Dr. Who has yet to abate, which is one of the things I nod solemnly with him over and think how well he'd fit into a disturbing number of comms out there. I've taken to calling him MiniFanboy, which makes him snort, but seriously, the kid who collects lizards and whose greatest ambition is to get his own laptop? Cannot throw stones here.

The curriculum looks interesting. He starts Spanish, thank God, since seriously, second languages should be started as young as possible. The math class looks a heck of a lot better than the one I took at his age. PE is gymnastics and wow, so *this* is how you get visual crushes on your children's teachers! I'd missed that part of my parental development. There's also a lot of afterschool clubs that look promising. His class is fairly small and ethnically diverse, with a surprising percentage of Middle Eastern in the general mix of Caucasian, Black, and Hispanic, and I think the math teacher and the principal are Turkish. There were also several women in headscarves and longer dresses that were either teachers or staff. There's going to be classes in Turkish food, culture, language, etc, which I'm encouraging him to attend. My mother toured the school on Saturday while, strangely, I was singing karaoke in Chicago--yes, that amuses the hell out of me--and saw the lab, the computer lab, the gym, and the classrooms. I'm hoping that the computer classes start soon--his typing is a disgrace, and they'll be able to scare him more thoroughly than denying him the latest Stargate Atlantis eps.

But seriously, seeing little herds of red-shirted, khaki'ed K-5 never stops oversaturating me with cuteness.


My sister was in charge of keeping my rabbits alive and functional while I was gone, and she did. However, the cage is a nightmare. A terrible, terrible nightmare. This has to be retaliation, because there's no way they could have managed to cover two floors of cage with an even (even!) spread of hay and waste and urine in an unbreakable crust.

It's amazing. And they *look* at me, hugely dark innocent eyes of powerful amusement that they know how much I will absolutely hate cleaning it up.


The leopard gekko made a bid for freedom into the couch. We assume he's escaped to his brethren in the wilderness of the backyard. Let us all take a minute to mourn his loss.

Make that a second. Otherwise, all is copasetic on the reptile front.

Still Tired

I mean, wiped out.
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