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sgareview - sateda - anti-squee, s3e4

This does not invalidate my earlier *squee*. I just wanted to separate them out so the happy squee could be all happy on its own. Cause totally loved the ep. Okay, I'm so not justifying myself here. This is Anti-Squee. Or, things that got on my nerves.

Just my short list, to get it out of my system:

1.) Okay, Ronon-Sue got on my nerves. Everyone *everyone* suddenly wants to love and nurture adn rescue him. *Everyone*. Everyone states how much they love and want to have his babies. *Everyone*. Everyone is hellbent on bringing him home. *Everyone*. Even people, perhaps (read: Carson), who do not interact with him. Um. Ever. Even people who don't mention him. Ever. It was weird.

2.) I undestand DH is comedy gold. And I even get the humor that had me on the floor giggling when he got shot in the ass. And I am all for Sheppard touching McKay all he can. For any reason. That does not invalidate my instant, God, not *again* of cheap humor. Followed up with morphine drugging. Yes, it is funny. And it *worked*. But this should not be all the character *is* if you want him to be well-rounded or you know, anywhere near as breathtaking as he was in Trinity and to a lesser extent, Grace Under Pressure.

3.) I just want to make this clear.

Carson. In the jumper. To save Ronon.

Carson and Rodney, arguing over who loves Ronon more. No, seriously. That was freaking *surreal*. That was beyond surreal. That made no *sense*. See one, Ronon-Sue.

Seriously. Can anyone count on more than one hand the number of interactions they've had outside of *simply sitting in the same room*?

Carson and Rodney *fighting over a gun* to see who gets to go down and Save Ronon. What the *fuck* was that? Can Carson even *shoot*? Especially *that gun*? And why, why, why in the name of God are they *doing that*? Funny, yes. Completely OOC, also. See one, Ronon-Sue.

You know, what bothered me about it was that Carson and Rodney *are friends*. So it felt like they were making light/denigrating that relationship in the pursuit of The Wonder of Ronon and How Everyone Loves Him. Seriously, that wasn't necessary. Just no.

4.) The entire "I will kill you if you kill the guy I want to kill" annoyed me so much I kinda wanted to shoot Ronon. Mostly because he goes backward immediately when Evil Guy is shot by the drone and is *totally okay* with it. And it wouldn't have been a problem if he'd spent any of that episode in *other* than manly intense PTSD angst manpain. It was *funny*. Or should have been if it'd been consistent with *anything else* he'd done in that ep.

The thing is--I loved this ep. It had *character*. I mean, all over the place. It had backstory for Ronon. It had Sateda. It had *John talking about his feelings*. Which just about made me fall over dead. It was *interesting*. It was funny. And despite that, it just itches at me that I cannot figure out what on earth was going on in there.

Okay, I feel better.
Tags: episode review: stargate:atlantis
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