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sgareview - sateda, s3e4

So this commentary idea is going over well?

I--didn't expect that. I kind of have a death touch with challenges. The less I participate, the more people seem to like them. But cool! And hey, it's big enough to set up a community for it! Happiness! Which I will do.

After I admire the stylings of SGA by way of Bruce Willis and Rambo's illegitimate love child.

Hands up--who watched this torn between "God, pretty" and "Wow, someone took the long semester on dramatic moments in television history?"

This is not a criticism. SGA has totally stepped into a new *universe* of fun, in which there is *shooting* and *violence* and I thought I could not love it better with Ronon being Rambo's even less well-adjusted younger brother, but--then. *John*.

Before anything else, I'd like to go on record with an oh my God, that was black leather. Everyone is in black. I thought they were pretty before. They are just whole new *levels* of mindblowing. Please keep these uniforms. Please please please. Please. Please. Please.

1.) I am always in favor of locking people in cages. This is in fact, something I encourage.

2.) John and Rodney touching? Never bad. Rodney managing a disgusted commentary with an arrow in his ass? Priceless.

3.) Carson and Rodney in the infirmary. Military Guy of No Name--ooh, who is he? What was his rank? He amused me. Rodney stoned out of his mind? Also amused me. Carson? Seriously, cut down on the drugs, pumpkin. While I have an AU thought of an Atlantis of everyone being druggies, let's not make that canon. At least, not yet.

SGA does have a drug thing goign on, doesn't it? Hmmm.

4.) Deep love in Ronon's PTSD. That was beautiful. It was filled with dramatic and fairly hot flashbacks, and of course he had a wife/lover he lost. God, that was good stuff. His team? Also ungodly hot.

5.) No, seriously. This is what happened. The writers all got high and marathoned Rambos I-whatever and every Bruce Willis movie *ever* and said, oh God, I have an idea. And this episode proves the writers are finally getting the good stuff and not the laundry detergent, cause man. That was *gorgeous*. Someone who is good with film etc can talk about the lighting and the slow Matrixesque and the leaping with guns and shooting and oh God, the *guns*, guh. I actually went glazed over the action sequences. That was a whole new *level* of fantastic. What the hell, Atlantis staff? Have you been holding out on us? You *have*. That was amazing.

6.) John and Caldwell. John losing his temper. That was--wow. Elizabeth backing him! The rest of the team--Rodney, Teyla, Carson--like a half-circle of wolves just *waiting*. No, they do not leave anyone behind. Caldwell, seriously, the word coup d'etat? Learn it. I get your point, but Rodney can probably remotely control your ship if he gets bored and creative and John can totally convince them all they like him better, and do you really think Hermiod likes you that much? And you will never get Lizzie-nookie if you keep that up. Just back down. No, seriously. This is the guy who flies into hive ships. These are the people who hold captive and experiment on Wraith. Over yonder is Carson with retroviruses, Teyla with the magic sticks of death, and Rodney McKay, who rewrites physics every day before coffee. Elizabeth scares the international committee. Okay? Do not fuck with these people or they will mess your shit up in epic ways.

7.) For the rest of my life, I will flash back to John at the table, trapped and appalled as he tries to--talk about his feelings.

Okay, sorry, you know John is my alpha and omega, and I need to devote some time to my hysterical horror and giggling as John stumbled blindly through a conversation explaining what most of us could have managed in ten words or less. With Teyla acting as prompter. The look on his face of constipation as he slowly tried to use fairly simple words in English to say "you all are my lobsters". It's just--no words.

Family. I just want to give him cocoa and blankets and let him talk about football for the next month so he can recover. That may be, in fact, the longest speech John has ever given, and that's including Teyla's prompts. AndI can honestly state that John talking about his feelings is not something I ever expected to see while I was still breathing.

I'd also like to state for the record: any time John looks wide eyed and earnest and totally terrifying while he states "I'd do anything for any one of you."? Yeah. I'm taking a moment to squeal into my paper bag. This was total team porn without the team even being in the *room*.

8.) You know, Rodney and Carson coming along was one of those things that didn't make sense in terms of story but did in terms of character development. John and his family speech kind of cemented what I suspected in the conference room--it didn't make that much sense in the 'what use are you, really' way, but it made total sense of the writers are trying to show that this command team is very close. And you know what? I am fantastic with that.

Extra points for Carson adn Rodney convo in the infirmary. That was--very surreal. As in it came out of nowhere? But yes! Show love for Ronon! This was a total Ronon love letter.

Triple extra points for Carson and Rodney fighting over hte gun. I'd like to point out that Carson has never showed interest in guns, shooting, or actual violence before? But this just--was too good. Awesomeness.

9.) John upping his number of kills. John, you dork. John shooting things. Guh. John holding his shot and talking himself into shooting the bad wraith of doom? Excellent.

9.) If I can calm down, more later. Because oh my God. That was *excellent*.
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