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Multifandom DVD Commentary Challenge

To fulfill my New Year's Resolution. I said, I'd be more fannishly aware, fannishly active, fannishly participatory, and you know, *useful* to the community. So I host a challenge! Yes, that was my brilliant *one in the morning* idea.

here we go.

The Multifandom DVD Commentary Challenge!

The rules are slightly different from the normal DVD commentary. This is a commentary on another author's work. The rules are fairly simple.

The Rules

1.) Any fandom and any pairing or lack of pairing thereof is welcome.

2.) One DVD commentary per story--if you know what story you want to comment on, post here with title and author. A dozen commentaries on The Greatest Fic Ever is nice, but let's go for variety and breadth.

3.) You must have author permission. I want this as fun, not as trauma. You can call a story first if you're worried about getting it before someone else does, but permission is a must for the challenge. A convenient list of authors who gave pre-permission is here, done a while back. A few also gave open season on their stories here. If you are an author who has no problem with it, reply here with name and website. I'll put together a list out of this entry and the others, assuming the authors remain okay with it.

4.) Deadline for submissions is 9/30/2006, 12:00 AM CST.

5.) The minimum is one commentary. I mean, if you're taking on the five hundred thousand word epic of wonder in your commentary, I'm not asking more than that. No upper limit, however. Do as many as you like, in as many fandoms as you like.

If there's enough interest, I'll set up a community to hold them--kind of one-stop shopping, so to speak, of big fun. Watch here for that. Otherwise, I'll gather the posted commentaries into a memory folder for easy viewing.

Anything I've written or cowritten is disqualified from this challenge. This does not pull permission to do it outside of the challenge.

Okay! You're done! Choose your story and go at it!

Right. We're done. I have a horrible feeling that I should have run these rules by svmadelyn to see if I left anything out, but okay. We'll go with this. Please feel free to pimp this out if you like. I'll post to the communities I belong to tonight, but seriously, *multifandom*.

Now, really done.

Except for this:

ETA: A list of claimed stories is here. I'm just using that list to keep track. Continue claiming stories in this entry.

The community DVD Commentary was set up to post the challenge commentaries in. And some people already are! I'm kind of in awe here. Anyway, for the called stories list and to see posted commentaries, go there.

Updated community 8/17/2006 wiht claimed and completeed DVD commentaries up through 8/17/2006 at 9:39 AM.
Tags: challenge: dvd commentary
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