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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
This means LJ is working for me. So far.

*looking around carefully*

I'm going to do my little obsessed happy dance now, if no one minds.

In other words? This is just me in a VERY good mood post. *grins*

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You rock. And very graceful twirling btw. *g*

Hee... I do what I can. ;)


The best part of this, of course, is that the whining will stop.

*smiles sunnily*

*sticks out tongue*

See if I send you any more long, long fic to read.


I should trick you and send you waht LOOKS like Clark/Lex and becomes Clark/Lana!



I need more coffee.

*hugs and wanders off happily*

Happy dances! I like happy dances. A lot. Especially on Fridays when I've had too much coffee. *dances around*

Okay, Rai, calm down. lol

That's all. ;o)


*blinks* There's such a thing as too much coffee?

*looks at cup*

*hides cup*


Does it count if it's mocha?

Calm is BAD. Energy is GOOD. Do the dance of joy! Think of Numfar!

Wow, right. Too much coffee.

*still hasn't stopped dancing*

Mmmmmm. Mocha. Or better yet, mint mocha. *grins* Calm is bad except in certain situations. *grins oh so wickedly* But of course energy is even better. Lots and lots of energy. It helps you stay up and out until 2 am. Which is always good on the weekends. Hmmmm. Coffee. That sounds good. Think I will go make some.


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