Seperis (seperis) wrote,

two things

Okay, these two things do not go together, but updating with two separate entries one after the other? Very odd. I mean, unless I meant to do that.

DVD Commentary for my Midwinter by yin_again - wow. I really want to say something profound, but I'll either come off sounding egotistical or plain weird, but--she made the story sound amazing. It was like someone else wrote it. I don't--remember it like that, and she made it beautiful, and I got all weird and vaguely teary-eyed while reading it. And warm. Very, very warm.

I wonder if I made DVD commentary a challenge, if people would participate? Hmm. I should have my first one up, for yin_again by tomorrow night. And I have to admit, DVD commentary on someone else's story is *fun*. Just amazing fun.


svmadelyn, as you may or may not know, with her mother rescued a brutally injured rabbit from their front yard. The entire story of the rabbit is here. And I sort of cried into my computer keyboard at work when I read it all. And I'm going to do something that isn't terribly--er. Well, I feel werid, but here we go, cause I'm not entirely sure how to do this.

She's a student and her and her mother's budget is limited, and the rabbit was--well, it's not going to be able to live unassisted, but it's painfree and happy and it's making her happy. So I want to ask if people would donate to help them a little through the vet expenses. I know they've already shelled out quite a bit for him already with multiple vets and x-rays and food and I *know* how much the initial set up for rabbit care of healthy rabbits can cost.

Her paypal email is

I mean, I donate to petsmart almost every time I go and buy hay and crickets and worms and such and I'm sending to this, too, because they're doing something incredibly cool and incredibly kind. Most of us all have pets we adore, and I'm just so impressed wiht her and kind of humbled by it, too. So you know. If you can. Please do.

And yes. Okay, done. Thank you.
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