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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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escaping the crazy people
You know what would be fun? DVD commentaries on someone else's story.

I really have no idea why I think that, but it suddenly amused me to imagine myself doing the commentary line on a fic I hadn't written. then I could put in my 'what the fuck' and 'ooh. *slick*' moments, and point out the places I jumped and went 'oh my god WHY?' and 'i wonder if she would marry me'. And my personal epiphany moment of any fic--when I get up and run for coffee--not walk. *Run*. So it can't, I don't know, fast forward without me?

I need another rabbit.

I so did not mean that. Put down the phone, svmadelyn I DID NOT MEAN IT.

If my rabbit could, you know, walk, I'd send him in the general direction of Texas.


I would be highly amused (and kinda fangirly) if you'd like to do one of mine. And then maybe I could do one of yours in return?

*smirks* Congratulations. You get to be my experimental model.

Oh, this will be fun. Okay, huge favor--send me a list of everything you'ev written in SGA? Or hey, you have it tagged by any chance? I think I've read some, but i have been known to go days forgetting to read the sga_noticeboard, espe around the time samdonne posted and I forgot how to breathe.

*huge eyes*

Also, when did John decide to channel Carmen Miranda?

Now I'm picturing someone doing that to me. I'm not sure if I'd be ecstatic or horrified. *blinks*

I feel you on the running thing. Although I tend to go for food, since I'm usually reading fic at like two AM.

Right, and this is me adding for the benefit of anyone scanning this for the challenge--let's go with ecstatic. Although I'd appreciate it if you'd run the specific story by me first, because there are maybe one or two that I'd prefer not be done. (but...they're all the sucky ones anyway, so probably you wouldn't want to do them. *g*)

Now I'm picturing this hilarious DVD commentary fandom free-for-all; it's oddly enthralling. I wonder why know no one's thought of it before.

*tongue in cheek* For that reason? Cause seriously, my insta!reactions to fic? Are sometimes not diplomatic. I have been known to sign on to Aim specifically to find anyone who will listen and spend ten minutes telling them exactly how something went wrong.

Then you know, go back and *read*.

Permission granted. Don't make me cry.

I'll compromise and say sniffling, but not soul destroying. That work?

Way back when, rageprufrock offered up her stories for third-party DVD commentary--there are a couple of those floating around. I did one which, let's be honest, is mostly me fangirling her.

That would make a way fun exchange, though, if a bunch of people all did commentary on other people's fic. I'd totally do it.

Ooh, I need to go read that. I--actually think I know how I'm going to do it, so not until I finish, but hmm. *Very* cool.

*bouncy* God, this will be fun.

*smirks* Also, you could make it a challenge. Wasn't that one of your fannish resolutions? An exchange dvd commentary challenge for SGA people. Let the crazy good times roll!

Oh yeah, that would be a quick way to get notoriety of being the one that made fandom *hate each other*.

...you are just peeved that your rabbit is not as cool as my rabbits (plural). You are *so* suffering rabbit envy.

There's a list here of people who's works are up for DVDing.

Ooh, intersting. Thanks!

I'm pretty sure I've seen a meme a while back with authors giving permission/inviting others to do DVD commentary on their fic, and some even got commentary in return IIRC, though it could have been mostly in DC fandom, not sure.

If you (or anyone else) ever had the urge to do a DVD commentary on anything I've written, I'd be delighted. My stories.

Okay, that icon is giving me freaky dreams and I haven't even gone to bed yet...

Also it's my secret dream that someone else will do DVD commentaries for me, cause I can't think of anything to say, myself. *g*

*curious* My choice on what fic? *hopeful*

Back in the X-Men fandom, I got what could probably be called a DVD commentary as a feedback letter. Made my week. Especially because it was for a chapter of an epic WIP.

I'm always afraid to do them to other people because that's what my betas look like. :)

Good god, if you did one of mine I'd die of happyness. It's like the ultimate feedback.

If you have too many bunnies...

...my cats are willing to help you out with that.