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The Toybox

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Te's Five Story Meme
children of dune - leto 1
But what *I* wanna know is this: what do you think your last five completed stories say about you, if anything?

Gakked from thete1

In reverse order:

Intent - angst: Clark mindfuck, because, well, it was fun. I'd been blocked for two months or close to it, so basically when it hit me, I didn't even stop to think, just wrote it out. Oddly enough, it seemed to work. Surprised me immensely.

The Autumn People - angst: Chloe and Lex celebrate disappointment the really old fashioned way. Victoria's birthday challenge fic, or, jenn, can you write non-CLex or het anymore?

The Wasteland - angst: Lex sort of finds himself. *thinks* You know, right now, it's probably my favorite story I've written.

Syzygy - angst: basically, Clark gets the greys screwing up his black and white existence. There really isn't a better explanation than that.

By Firelight - smut: St. John and Bobby have sex near fire. I could summarize a lot of stories starting with Character A and B have sex and.... Huh. *grins* My first slash pairing. I love them muchly and miss them even more.

Huh. Four angst and a smut. Cool. *g* Four involve sex, one doesn't. Four involve Lex, one doesn't. Three are slash, one is slash and het, and one is het.

Um. Does this say something about me? I mean, beyond the entire, jenn likes them miserable angle?


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Ha! Found you here as well!

*P-Z tries to look smug while huge neon sign flashes: STALKER over her head*

Well, as you know by now, it's my favourite too. Will get to 'Intent' now.

*sticks out tongue and grins*

It's ever so freaky to use LJ. But. Style! I'm learning how to edit LJ style!

Yes, this is a pathetically exciting moment for me, why do you ask?

Lex sort of finds himself. *thinks* You know, right now, it's probably my favorite story I've written.

Ha. We all told you it didn't suck rocks, didn't we?

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