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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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It's just never a good sign when you spend the entire morning honestly believing that a life on the street selling shell bracelets and turning tricks might be preferable to one more second talking to customers who ask incredibly hostile, mindbogglingly stupid questions. No, I don't mean regular stupid. I mean the kind you wonder if they have opposable thumbs.

And y'all know how much I love my wireless access, so that is seriously saying something.

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Dude, do you not realize that shell-bracelet-selling/trick-turning women get asked hostile and stupid questions too? There is *no* way to get away.

*sad cries*

"So this is real shell?"


"How was it harvested?"

"I took a really long walk on the beach?"

"How do you wear it?"

"However you want?"

"Will it go with my dress?"

*Jenn leaps over the table and strangles the customer*

I too, have worked retail.

...and tech support.

You should post the very stupidest examples behind flock so we can amuse you with mocking them.

I used to work in a copy center (hell on earth) and we had an IQ test that was basically "If you know to press the button that says *start* copying to make a copy, and *stop* copying to stop, you were worthy of assistance." Amazing how few were worthy.

Jenn, let's run away together!! We can totally make that life work!! I KNOW WE CAN!! XD *comfort* I feel your incredible pain of talking to people whose DNA should be scrubbed from the gene pool... *hugs* Hang in there! There's still a chance these folks will OD while huffing... or be hit by lightning X3 Think happy thoughts :D

I always reserve the right to revoke a user's clavicles. That's one of the traits that distinguishes primates from other mammals and you can just tell right off who does't fuckin' deserve 'em.

If you want? I'll loan you Kiki. She'll crush the life out of anyone who bothers you by sheer force of her staggering will.

I honestly know exactly how you're feeling.

I have that thought once or twice a week, and I so understand.

I here ya, I worked for a call center and it drove me mad. I contemplated jumping out the nearest window at least once a day. Sigh, why are people so stupid and allowed to breed, it isn't fair.

Yeah, this would be why my cousin quit his job as a claims adjuster. Because after having to listen to the stupid people who would say things like "well, I had the watch the night before I left the hotel, but then it was gone when I checked my suitcase after touching down back home!" and "we didn't drain the water out of the basement, but we put a fan down there and thought that might take care of it" he was debating encouraging my career in medicine, if only so that I could sterilize the population.
In related news, it's okay to hate stupid people. No, really. It's really, really okay. Feel free to make a few of them cry.

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