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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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because sometimes talking about it helps
sheppard is pretty
It's one of those rare nights that we're both working on Teacher's Pet fic.

seperis: I want a line so badly where Elizbeth tells Rodney "Atlantis' population is not filled with sexual predators."
seperis: And Rodney's like, They *watch him*.
svmadelyn: ohhh. Rodney can yell, you're all pedophiles!
seperis: And I really want to see John play the piano
seperis: I'm going to kill Pru so much.
svmadelyn: *grins* I'll tell her to write it.
seperis: So. Fucking. *Much*.
svmadelyn: I want it too
seperis: For putting that in my head.
seperis: *hopeful*
seperis: I'll send her another box of chocolate.
seperis: Tell her that.
svmadelyn: *nods*
seperis: *amused at Rodney guarding John's virtue*
svmadelyn: *dies*
svmadelyn: In the darkfic version
svmadelyn: John would say something like
svmadelyn: I know you weren't doing that for me.
svmadelyn: But for you. And I think you should make the wait worth it.
seperis: Rodney should have a disturbing dreams of underage sex.
svmadelyn: Yes. Hop to!
seperis: Now I'm all torn.
seperis: Should they have sex or should Rodney have horrifying yet strangely hot dreams about it?
svmadelyn: both!
svmadelyn: second one segues into the first
svmadelyn: nightmares, they come true!
seperis: *dies*
svmadelyn: you know the words pouring from these fingers are pure genius
seperis: Yes.
seperis: they really are.
svmadelyn: why you gotta be all in denial?
seperis: Especially when he's torn between Slut!Teen!John.
svmadelyn: good. *pats you*
seperis: And Virtuous!Teen!John dreams.
svmadelyn: after some training session
seperis: One trying to crawl inside his skin
seperis: The other whimpering "Please be gentle."
svmadelyn: John's especially beautiful, and everyone's watching
seperis: And he'll like, go to his lab and try to kill himseelf with papercuts.
svmadelyn: and Rodney scares them all off
svmadelyn: then in bed that night, he has The Dream
svmadelyn: and calls in sick to the lab
svmadelyn: and everyone shows up at his door
seperis: *smirks* Which one? Slutty John or Virtuous John?
svmadelyn: 'cause he's never DONE THAT
seperis: *giggles*
svmadelyn: and Rodney's all--man, this is HORRIBLE. but they CARE. and HORRIBLE
svmadelyn: and John comes in all concerned
seperis: So *guilty*.
svmadelyn: and rodney's all, I'm contageous!
svmadelyn: you'll die!
svmadelyn: and John's like: I'll take the risk
svmadelyn: Rodney: *COUGHS A LOT*
svmadelyn: John: You done yet?
svmadelyn: Rodney: I think I hurt my throat. Water, please?
svmadelyn: and I think--hmm. Virtuous John
svmadelyn: next dream, John's all coquettish.
svmadelyn: Mmm. Hell. It's what's for dinner.

*bites lip* What if, John gets his memories back when he's still physically, like, 18?

Clark was only 15 when you first met him. *poke*

*facepalm* If I go by canon when it finally revealed clark's actual birthday, Lex gave Clark his first handjob when he ws *fourteen* in my fic.

...kidn of make me twtich. but not too much.

you know you want to write rodney taking john's virginity.

Yet he could have a threesome with some trainees of Teyla's after working out one day. And you know, teh team could walk in and be traumatized for *life*.

It's *tempting*.

*loves you both*

*gives you chocolate*

*and porn*

There is nothing wrong (well, okay, in fic) with fifteen year old boys and smexing. Ooooh no :)

*smirks* Fic makes *everything* okay.

Angst, sex, horny teenage John (really, is there any other variety) and tempted, conflicted Rodney.

You know you want to do it.
heheheheheh.....come to the dark side, my dear. You KNOW you want THEM to do it.

*giggles* I seriously think too much about it.

Okay, when is this next chapter going up?? Please..bribes with chocolate..lots and lots of chocolate. *smile*

Soonish. Madelyn and I are almost done with the next two stories.

I. I really want this. Oh god.

*worries* Me too. Seriously so.

You know, teen!John would be approaching his sexual peak at 18 years old, it could be the other way around where John is propositioning Rodney and Rodney is having to be really really noble and turn him down, only now he's thinking about it... and keeps saying 'you're 18!'

To which smart!John replies 'but if I weren't???'

*snortgiggle* He's thinking about it *way too much*.

What about a regular *and* a darkfic version? LIke, here's the AU where things go horribly, horribly awry? And here's the real story where Rodney protects John's virtue? (Seriously, I'm pondering a Marine corporal who's maybe 19? Male or female as you wish, but this person arrives just as John hits teenaged sexiness and has *no clue* that he was (a) younger just a week ago or (b) the military commander of Atlantis. And John likes him/her because there's no baggage, no weight of history, and they can go on training runs together. And Rodney is going insane.


I was actually contemplating that, because there are several things I'd like to do that can't fit in the normal storyline at all.

God, though. Rodney would just--*shakes head*.

Please can I have some more?

*looks helpful and encouraging*


Since once was obviously not incentive enough...

I didn't want to have to do this again, but you leave me no choice but to reintroduce you to adolescent John -- now with dogtags, Jenn. Floppy hair and DOGTAGS.

(sorry for the double comment -- but I hardly ever get a chance to use my Teacher's Pet icon!) :)

Re: Since once was obviously not incentive enough...

Blimey! That is NICE.

I... hate you. Now *I* am going to have skeeery teen!slut!John dreams. Actually, never mind. The hate went somewhere...

by skeeery you mean *hot*, right? With John all lithe and shirtless and painfully pretty and painfully young? And untouched? And *teasing*?

AU is your friend. AU of an AU even more so. (Cuddles DC Comics Elseworlds canonical AU crack)

Ooh, sounds exciting - I can't wait to see what you both come up with !!! I'm not fussed how it goes, but I love the Rodney you've written so far :)