Seperis (seperis) wrote,

because sometimes talking about it helps

It's one of those rare nights that we're both working on Teacher's Pet fic.

seperis: I want a line so badly where Elizbeth tells Rodney "Atlantis' population is not filled with sexual predators."
seperis: And Rodney's like, They *watch him*.
svmadelyn: ohhh. Rodney can yell, you're all pedophiles!
seperis: And I really want to see John play the piano
seperis: I'm going to kill Pru so much.
svmadelyn: *grins* I'll tell her to write it.
seperis: So. Fucking. *Much*.
svmadelyn: I want it too
seperis: For putting that in my head.
seperis: *hopeful*
seperis: I'll send her another box of chocolate.
seperis: Tell her that.
svmadelyn: *nods*
seperis: *amused at Rodney guarding John's virtue*
svmadelyn: *dies*
svmadelyn: In the darkfic version
svmadelyn: John would say something like
svmadelyn: I know you weren't doing that for me.
svmadelyn: But for you. And I think you should make the wait worth it.
seperis: Rodney should have a disturbing dreams of underage sex.
svmadelyn: Yes. Hop to!
seperis: Now I'm all torn.
seperis: Should they have sex or should Rodney have horrifying yet strangely hot dreams about it?
svmadelyn: both!
svmadelyn: second one segues into the first
svmadelyn: nightmares, they come true!
seperis: *dies*
svmadelyn: you know the words pouring from these fingers are pure genius
seperis: Yes.
seperis: they really are.
svmadelyn: why you gotta be all in denial?
seperis: Especially when he's torn between Slut!Teen!John.
svmadelyn: good. *pats you*
seperis: And Virtuous!Teen!John dreams.
svmadelyn: after some training session
seperis: One trying to crawl inside his skin
seperis: The other whimpering "Please be gentle."
svmadelyn: John's especially beautiful, and everyone's watching
seperis: And he'll like, go to his lab and try to kill himseelf with papercuts.
svmadelyn: and Rodney scares them all off
svmadelyn: then in bed that night, he has The Dream
svmadelyn: and calls in sick to the lab
svmadelyn: and everyone shows up at his door
seperis: *smirks* Which one? Slutty John or Virtuous John?
svmadelyn: 'cause he's never DONE THAT
seperis: *giggles*
svmadelyn: and Rodney's all--man, this is HORRIBLE. but they CARE. and HORRIBLE
svmadelyn: and John comes in all concerned
seperis: So *guilty*.
svmadelyn: and rodney's all, I'm contageous!
svmadelyn: you'll die!
svmadelyn: and John's like: I'll take the risk
svmadelyn: Rodney: *COUGHS A LOT*
svmadelyn: John: You done yet?
svmadelyn: Rodney: I think I hurt my throat. Water, please?
svmadelyn: and I think--hmm. Virtuous John
svmadelyn: next dream, John's all coquettish.
svmadelyn: Mmm. Hell. It's what's for dinner.
Tags: chat, sga: teacher's pet, svmadelyn
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