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sgareview - irresistible, s3e3

So just finished watching SGA 3.3 - Irresistible.

Also, I haven't slept yet. I'm pretty sure I'm about twenty four hours away from a sleep-deprivation psychotic episode. I plan to use it wisely, by climbing up on the roof naked and reciting Mark Antony's funeral speech from Julius Caesar. Thank you English IV II Teacher for making me memorize that and use valuable brain space for a speech that I cannot now *forget* no matter that it's been twelve years OMG FOURTEEN YEARS I READ THAT DAMN THING IN MY SOPHMORE YEAR NOT SENIOR since I had to memorize it.

Right. Episode. This? Totally makes up for like, sleep deprivation, Misbegotten weirdness, and a fairly severe allergy attack.

1.) Lucius pleases me. I want to keep him and give him cookies nad make him walk on his hands. This ep was *fun*.

2.) Ronon shot Sheppard. I was so going to write Ronon/Teyla, but he has displeased me. Yes, he was under Evil Mind Control. Well, more like Grey Side of the Force Mind Control. But still. Grr.

3.) How did fandom *not do this first*? How? Did I miss it? *How did we not write this already?*

4.) Catwoman and Batman discussion. Which eerily and strangely, for some reason, immediately came to mind around the time that John wandered off to clean Rodney's quarters. Call me crazy. Anyone notice that? You know, after Rodney stating how hot it was that Catwoman got Batman to obey her? I'm just saying, if the writers don't want me to think they're fucking? Don't write it for me, 'kay?

Rodney in a catwoman suit, however, is forever branded into my mind. Dear God.

5.) John's cold. That was just cute in so many ways. I love him sneezing and sniffling. I want to bake him cookies. Lots of cookies. And soup!

6.) I am convinced that Lucius touched Carson inappropriately. Again, call me crazy. But that is the most chemistry I've ever seen him have with anyone. Plus, and this is just how they set up the scene, while John was teasing Elizabeth, Carson was *right beside her*. It's framing, but it just--goes those places. Also, the crying.

Note: John's reaction to Carson bursting into tears is priceless. I love it. Canonical crying!

7.) John and Rodney wandering off together to explore the universe look for gates. Researching mind control drugs together! Carrying on casual discussion about catwoman (see item 4)! The implication this is *normal conversation* for them that they carry on randomly! That will never stop being fun. They totally need to give up this hero gig and conquer the freaking universe already. John can bring Rodney pretty planets and ZPMs and lead very large armies while heavily armed. I'm just saying. It does good things for me.

8.) Minor mostly. Since when has Rodney backed down from Ronon? Seriously? That's twice in this ep, the second time implied by Rodney being forcibly held in Lucius' presence to absorb the drug.

9.) I have two choices on how to interpret Rodney using the drug, considering he knows the effects.

a.) He did it with Sheppard aware of what he was doing. Non-slashy, I could see Sheppard a little curious, since it seems to be a euphoric, and Rodney's a teammate and he trusts him. Plus it would totally be something Rodney and John would do as an experiment. Slashy interpretation--see above, but with sex. Very, very hot sex. Very, very, very hot sex. I like this one. A lot.

Plus, to get the serum, since it seems to work that effectively only in liquid form and consumed, he would have to *get it* from either Sheppard or Carson, and I don't see Carson handing it over to Rodney, so it has to be Sheppard who gave it to him, and Sheppard would be aware that the only person on Atlantis it could affect would be himself. Unless Rodney made the serum himself, for which he would need a lab and Carson's notes, see above. Possible, not likely.

b.) John didn't know and Rodney deliberately committed mental coercision without his knowledge. And considering that Rodney would be aware that Sheppard was the only one not innoculated, he took it with the intention of using it on John. I really hate this one. A *lot*. And not just because I can forsee horrifying non-con humiliation fic coming out of this episode (but I bet I can accurately predict that there will be at least three, probably seven, and at least one will cause me to lock an entry down that is nothing but ranting about how very much I wish I could spork my own eyes out. The rest will merely make me bitter and tired. Seriously, when it appears? Don't tell me. I want to live in blissful ignorance for as long as possible). Though I started twitching after my utter amusement of John running back to clean Rodney's quarters of his discarded boxers and empty lube containers. Cause wow, there were a lot.

To me, b isn't likely, but that has more to do with me simply unable to believe that Rodney, of all people, would ever do that to another person. I'm aware that the writers of this ep didn't angst mightily over that last bit and probably what they wanted to get across wasn't what I picked up with a twitch. I don't care. I seriously do not want to think Rodney would do that, so I won't

*reads above*

You know, it scares me that the ep I loved dearly. It's what fandom will do with that ending that scares me to death. OTOH--darkfic possibility. Hmm.

10.) New point. And interesting thought. I wondered about the divide of power between Elizabeth and John, and this seems to confirm something I half-way suspected from Hot Zone and from The Long Goodbye--that John can overrule Elizabeth on matters of security, or the military commander (Caldwell for The Long Goodbye) can make a unilateral decision regarding security, probably in a very narrow set of parameters. Maybe only internal or Atlantis security decisions? From the way Elizabeth reacted by not immediately overruling him, he *does* have that authority--and under the influence of the drug, if she had the power, she would have done it. Instead, she carried it out while John was gone. I need to go back and see what those eps would have in common with John ordering the DHD locked down and Elizabeth not contradicting him.

11.) And just for kicks--when pairing off on the planet, Rodney took the tall, willowy brunette and John the shorter blonde(ish). This is pretty much my entire reason I love being a slasher, right here. Despite Rodney's stated preference for blondes, it never stops being odd how he *homes in* on the brunettes, is it?

12.) I codicil 10B with this--if anyone wants to write Evil!Mastermind!Rodney using the drug to take control of John for wicked sexual purposes and to conquer the galaxy? I will totally write you porn of your choice. Maybe using the serum strips away ethics. No, seriously, *someone write this*. but you know, happy. With happy destructin and happy death and apocalyptic worlds afire and all. If you are actually surprised by that last statement, I am going to refer you to my definition of happyfic when I'm writing OTP fic.

It's a sickness, really.
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