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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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insta!rec - Home Fires Burning by shusu
children of dune - leto 1
Home Fires Burning by shusu - Saying pretty much anything spoils it. So let's go with this. Read it. Just trust me. Read it.

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General notie note: If *anyone* has any questions or concerns or wants to know just how dubious it actually was, please do not hesitate to leave comments. And also, give love to semijocund who did the cover a la artword.


I know you're avoiding the sga flashfic this week, but you have to read this.

The Dark Side by astolat. I promise, it's not Darkfic.

You'll love it. :D

Oh, totally did. Totally *died*. So fantastically *fun*. And so freakishly *appropriate*. *bounces* And not something I would have *ever* thought could work, except it *did*.

Thank you for reminding me to add it to my rec list. *makes note* That was just--very much out of left field.

*hugs you* feel free if you see other fic that seems good to tell me? So I don't die slowly of withdrawal?

Absolutely. In fact... Taste of Lies by genaschuyler written for the doughnut ficathon I told you about. Very Very good. ;)

I actually haven't had that much to read fic, lately. Moved in with my parents and all they have is dial up, ack. I miss DSL. But if I see anything else that you just must read, I'll share.

Cause you bring all the good crack to the yard, and someone's gotta bring the good crack to you too.

Oh! And this one!! *hee*

It's Not Citrus by daydreamer. Also for the ficathon.

Very hot. And apparently, as far as I can tell, found out about the ficathon from you. So yay for pimping. :)

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