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rec - I Feel the Earth Move by janusglance
children of dune - leto 1
I Feel the Earth Move by janusglance

How utterly beautiful. I thought it would break my heart, and it didn't, and I thought it would hurt, and it did, but I feel--wondrous. Like I'm flying. Gen, John, Rodney, an extra alien, and a galaxy stretched around them. So highly recommended I just--wow. It's Atlantis at its most brilliant and John and Rodney at their most amazing, and--read. Dear God people, *read*.

ETA: Forgot! Recced to me by shusu, who is obviously both brilliant and discerning.

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Thanks for the rec. I would hate to have missed this amazing work. It was truly beautiful, and heartbreaking, and so true to the characters that I invision them to be.

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