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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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when gekkos attack
children of dune - leto 1
A gekko just attacked me.

There I was, minding my own business on the hideously hot front porch, thinking pure thoughts of John Sheppard and ice cubes and possibly Dean but we don't need to go there, do we?

And there it was. *Squirming* up over the side of a pot, tiny head flaring to gaze at me with hot, angry eyes. *Leaping* from the pot to set its sights on my vulnerable bare feet.

...I suppose some of you might call it 'running in my general direction'.

I think I'll stay in my nice, reptile-free, mammal-warm room for the rest of the day. With my bunnies. Who are not reptile, amphibian, or other non-warm blooded, non-egg laying animals.

Am I seriously having a post-gekko reaction headache? Possibly. Or perhaps the fact I slammed into the screen door like the hookman was after my innards may have something to do with that.

You know, every once in a while, I have to wonder if anyone else has these problems. Also, ouch.

Damned gekkos, attacking everything in sight!

HA! Supernatural finally got you in its clutches, did it? I was expecting this...


slammed into the screen door like the hookman was after my innards

These words bring me such joy.

You'd feel a lot less vulnerable if you were inside, watching the rest of the SPN eps. (Do you still need 18-23? I can hook you up.)

More recs have come in for you, btw, and I'll have a few more to send your way this evening.

and speaking of things on porches

So, yeah. Bad enough that I had the NIGHTMARE piece of EVIL on my porch that resulted in the cops being call for me (not on me, I'm sure) but then these...these "people" I'm supposed to think of as "friends" start having this "discussion" on my journal JUST LIKE IT WAS AN OKAY THING TO DO. OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM AND WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BOND OVER IT ON MY JOURNAL?

So, uh, yeah. At least law enforcement AND LINKS TO PICTURES OF EVIL are being slammed up in response to your pain.

You know, every once in a while, I have to wonder if anyone else has these problems. Also, ouch.

I can't say I do, what with living in a nice gecko-free city. :D

Um. No, you're not the only one.
A few months ago we had a big storm that blew a tree down. The X came over and brought his chainsaw and while I was clearing some limbs out I looked down and there was a largish gko looking up at me as if to say "HEY Hands off my HOUSE" So to make sure he wasn't going to end up in the landfill with the growing pile of tree at the curb, I grabbed him and showed him first to my X, who used to always complain about them because they had a knack for gettig squished in every possible doorjamb. But once I held it up, it wriggled free and latched onto the side of my hand. We watched it hang there for a minute before it fell off and scampered away.
Also, this time of year they start migrating indoors to find coolness and water so they're always jumping down from things and skittering across floors. The larger ones don't seem to have a problem letting me know they don't want me messing with them by doing that mouth-openy thing.

You are totally not alone in this. I was once staying at a cousin's house in eastern Oregon, and I was out back, hanging by the pool. I felt a little something funny on my hand, and I glance down to see a snake! Slithering across my hand! I totally flip out, hop up and run for the house. Only what I didn't realize was that the screen door was shut, so I run into it and, literally, bounce off it. I landed on my ass. Very much with the ouch. Also, not my finest moment.

Staying inside the house? Always the way to go.

Gekkos mostly strike me as cute, but cockroaches (and indeed most things with more than four legs) have me involunatily making noises audible only to bats and dogs, and levitating spontaneously. I spazz out like CRAZY. So - although, no, I'm not so much with the lizardphobia, I still feel your pain. When my flatmate left, all the fucking cockroaches got a memo, or something, and took it in turns to stage raids. The first one FLEW AROUND THE LIVING ROOM. It was the size of my thumb.

::shudders FOREVER::

omg I hate them I hate them I hate them SO MUCH. Green chameleons I'm okay with (as long as they never touch me), but just knowing geckoes exist freaks me the hell out. I hated them way before they were a symbol of evil in LTOR...but seeing it onscreen like that was so totally vindicating.


Thank gods the cats think they're tasty.

Have a puppy instead. You sound like you need some serious snuggle time.

This is why I usually avoid nature like the plague it is.

I like my nature climate and pest controlled. *nods sagely*

I lost higher brain function after the mention of John, Ice Cubes and Dean all in one sentence.


What an image.

Hope you feel better.

Um I wish I had gekko's living in my city. It's so flipping mild here. I can wear my winter clothes year round AND IT FILLS ME WITH THE CAPSLOCK OF RAGE. Don't you ever wonder why it never gets cold on SGA - it's because Vancouver is the city of one weather.

Re: gecko attack, YIKES!

Re: "pure thoughts of John Sheppard and ice cubes," my brain has just issued a red flashing Cannot Compute warning and might shut down at any second.

Replace "gecko" with "snake" and I understand completely. I freak out. It's not pretty. Our entire neighborhood got a front row seat to me losing it the last time one of them showed up in the house. I was lounging on the couch, and my immediate reaction to the snakey little bastard was to grab the first close-toed shoes I could find, wield the trustiest weapon in the kitchen arsenal, and call exactly one neighbor for help. Six turned up.

1 pair black cowboy boots: bought too long ago to remember
1 pair neon pink shorts: $15
1 pair tongs: $10
Phone bill: $30

Having everyone in a three-mile radius mock your fear of a six-inch black snake: priceless

*off to contemplate Dean and ice cubes*

But! But! Geckos are love! They're all delicate and green and croaky and they have these huge, blinky eyes, and they can stick to things!

And they eat mosquitos!

And, seriously, stick to anything. Do you know how long it took scientists to figure out how the hell they did it? It turned out in the end that the pads of their toes had fibres so fine that they bonded to any surface, even glass, on a molecular level.

... I'll stop spamming you now.

Well, you never know. Do gekkos get rabies? *wonders*

they're not mammals, so...

NO! As they are not *mammals*. Sheeze!