Seperis (seperis) wrote,

the day is long and cloudy

So I'm having a bad day, so I, you know, update things.

Voyager Reference List, updated to current and added stuff. Now I have a question that's quasi-ethical.

I'm aware that if it's freely listed on the internet, I can link to it. I don't when the author specifies they don't want it linked, when it's password protected, etc. If I'm wandering through lj and find former voyager fen on my own that:

a.) do still claim the same psuedonym
b.) claim the webpage that has their fic on it right there in their info
c.) claim it right there in the entries.

Even though they didn't specify I could add them to my list in comments, is it okay to do that if the information is freely available? I know I'm beginning to sound paranoid, but--seriously, my idea of a good time isn't hounding fen about their fandoms or freaking them out by linking to them.

God, I'm overthinking this, aren't I? Anyway, more people have added entries, so if you're Trek fan and want to check it, or if you're Trek-curious and want to browse, go at it. New entries involving unwinding AKA August, ancarett, thestylus AKA the stylus, brancher, amongst others. Have a blast.

*drums fingers on keyboard*

You know. I really did think that SPN would interst me not at all. Seventeen episodes later--and oh my God do I need eighteen through twenty two or I will go absolutely *crazy*--I am thinking of Dean and his guns and wondering, what was I *thinking*?

And *one more smug look*, lierdumoa, I swear, I will cover your head with a pillow at VVC, I swear. You too, researchgrrrl. Well, not at VVC, but we will meet, and there will be pillows.

So. Um. *clears throat* If I ask really nicely, would someone rec? Please?
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