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the day is long and cloudy
So I'm having a bad day, so I, you know, update things.

Voyager Reference List, updated to current and added stuff. Now I have a question that's quasi-ethical.

I'm aware that if it's freely listed on the internet, I can link to it. I don't when the author specifies they don't want it linked, when it's password protected, etc. If I'm wandering through lj and find former voyager fen on my own that:

a.) do still claim the same psuedonym
b.) claim the webpage that has their fic on it right there in their info
c.) claim it right there in the entries.

Even though they didn't specify I could add them to my list in comments, is it okay to do that if the information is freely available? I know I'm beginning to sound paranoid, but--seriously, my idea of a good time isn't hounding fen about their fandoms or freaking them out by linking to them.

God, I'm overthinking this, aren't I? Anyway, more people have added entries, so if you're Trek fan and want to check it, or if you're Trek-curious and want to browse, go at it. New entries involving unwinding AKA August, ancarett, thestylus AKA the stylus, brancher, amongst others. Have a blast.

*drums fingers on keyboard*

You know. I really did think that SPN would interst me not at all. Seventeen episodes later--and oh my God do I need eighteen through twenty two or I will go absolutely *crazy*--I am thinking of Dean and his guns and wondering, what was I *thinking*?

And *one more smug look*, lierdumoa, I swear, I will cover your head with a pillow at VVC, I swear. You too, researchgrrrl. Well, not at VVC, but we will meet, and there will be pillows.

So. Um. *clears throat* If I ask really nicely, would someone rec? Please?

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Yay, spn! *tempts* The big question is whether you want to go the slash route, aka wincest (what with us having only the two main characters and everything). There's also a lot of RPS centring around Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and assorted people from their rl. For gen I like ignipes, marinarusalka, eighth_horizon, to start with. esorlehcar has a pretty comprehensive recs list (all flavours) starting here; her own slash series is also excellent, but spoils the finale. Enjoy! :)

As far as SPN stuff goes, there's the Lawrence Awards nominees list ( http://www.lawrenceawards.com/nominees.html ) to start with. It's got many of the more popular authors in the fandom, and it lets you pick your poison so far as gen vs. not. I'd personally say anything by ignipes, whereupon, traveller, marinarusalka, or apocalypsos is worth checking out. (I'm also going to kick myself for all the ones I've forgotten to mention.)

Well to me it sounds like a rec page thing. I mean... yeah they're not in those fandoms anymore.. but if the stories are still in their stuff, there really shouldn't be a problem.

Also... does this mean I should send you/upload 18 - 22? *koff*


I have nineteen--wait. Yes. .I hae nineteen, but not eighteen, twenty, twenty-one, or twenty two

Please please please.

Sadly they're the 700 meg versions so they'll take longer than normal to upload. But if you appear in chat in some form or another I'll tell you what dir to watch.

I have the 350M avi's, if that helps. Drop me an email at m@butcheredart.net, if you need them.

I've only begun reading SPN, though not Wincest. From what I've seen you rec in SGA occasionally via friendsfriends, I second transtempts's rec for Of Bastard Saints, though you'll have to wait after watching the finale.

And I just read a pre-pilot series called 1300 Days today, by [Unknown LJ tag]. It's a Dean I'll think you'll enjoy. Link to the last part and all previous chapters here.

Also, some good gen to be found in the "epic" category of the Lawrence Awards, linked above.

Yeah, Of Bastard Saints totally hit my plot/length/characterization need big time. Checking 1300 now. Thank you!

A prequel of Of Bastard Saints is in progress, apparently. The first three parts were posted last week; I haven't read them yet, but I gather it goes into Andrew/Dean. Here.

Enjoy 1300 Days.

(Deleted comment)
Okay, Of Bastard Saints totally stole my sanity. That was *fantastic*. And God, *length*--I forgot how it feels to immerse six hours in a story.

I like you a *lot* right now.

Yes yes yes, just get the giggling out fo the way now, btww. *hugs*

As amireal said above, the ethics shouldn't be any different than for reccers. I'm still adding things to my recs page which are...God, a dozen years old? I mean, yes...I read what people have to say (like you do) and if they care about things like warnings - which I don't - I link to their front page or warnings page, but I don't ask authors if I can link, and nobody has ever seemed to have a problem with that.

*Hugs*!!! Sorry about all the drama. Hopefully things will improve muchly. *thinks happy cinnamon bun and iced mocha thoughts at you*

Well. I'd say it's fine if listed in their lj user info, that's public. If it's listed in public entries, also fine. Claiming the same psuedonym is less certain. Most of us have stuff that yes, is still the same pen name, but we'd rather it faded into obscurity, thank you very much. ;-)

You know. I really did think that SPN would interst me not at all. Seventeen episodes later--and oh my God do I need eighteen through twenty two or I will go absolutely *crazy*

That sounds *so* familiar. SPN sneaks up on you like a sneaking thing... it did on me, too.

As for fanfic, "Month of Open Doors" by eighthhorizon has already been recced, and I very enthusiastically second that rec: http://gekizetsu.net/sn/fic.html

marinarusalkas incredible 5 things AU "Fistful of Rain": http://marinarusalka.livejournal.com/241002.html?mode=reply

"Never Summer" by ignipes: http://ignipes.livejournal.com/82858.html

These are all gen recs. Slash tends to be mostly Sam/Dean incest in this fandom, as I'm sure you've already heard; are you interested in that, as well?

I tried to avoid wincest at first because it squicked me, and have since fallen headfirst into it and even written a wincest story myself. It's the same kind of slippery slope deal that SPN canon is... at least it was for me. *sigh*

*preens* I see others are already hooking you up with the remaining episodes :D

For some neat picspam-meta on the boys, try sargraf's LJ. She's posted up through 116, Shadows.

Two marvelous stories are On the Banks of the Tiber and its sequel, Field of Mars.

Canon resource: http://supernatural.oscillating.net/
Fun: http://monkiedude.livejournal.com/41822.html
Meta: http://community.livejournal.com/spn_heavymeta/
Newsletter: http://community.livejournal.com/spnnewsletter/

I agree with several of the people above. I don't see how it would be any different from rec pages or fiction indexes, so I think it's okay to do it the way you have mentioned.

God, I'm overthinking this, aren't I?
I don't think so, really. Things are a little more complicated because the fandom is older, but I think authors would have pulled their stories from their webpages or not linked their webpage to their LJ if they had a problem with it. It would be different if you were archiving, not linking.

And, when I first started the Lorne index, I worried about the same thing. I even did a poll to see what other people thought. *g* So not paranoid or overthinking, IMO.


It looks like you've got volunteers for all the ep's but if any of those don't work out, let me know. I can upload them to my website for you.

Now that you're well and truly in Dean's thrall, you really should come read my porn again. Not that the other Dean-stuff I've done or am working on hasn't been fun for me, but dude. I totally got into Dean's head by getting into his pants. (And also covered him in sparkling demonic spooge.) But, really, I think you'll enjoy it as more than smut now that you know just who the hell he is.

poisontaster has some great stuff, and she has a big index page at the top of her LJ. I second whoever recommended apocalypsos, as well.

And somewhere, there's a post about how Supernatural is the roofies of fandom. You go in thinking 'well, I'll watch a few' and wake up the next morning in a stranger's bed with no idea how you started writing Dean porn.

It is *exactly* like that. You ahve totally described the feeling there.

poisontaster and mona1347. stone_princess used to/has giant recs and so many pic spams. lierdumoa might have del.ico.us things.

I'm sorry you didn't get 18! You should've told me! I totally sent it, just spelled your e-mail address wrong. I'm uploading 20 even though you might already be hooked up. I'll be sending you 21 and 22 tomorrow unless you don't need them anymore.

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