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challenge: get clark laid now!

Because I'm also malleable, apparently.

Clark's had SUCH a rough few weeks. Let's recap from previous entry.

Visage--Whitney dies. Okay, not that big a deal.

Insurgence--Mommy held hostage by bad guys and flirted with by Lionel. Who knows which he considered worse.

Suspect--Daddy arrested for murder.

Rush--got RedK'ed again, right on the verge of a date with Lana. Plus, he finds out his only living relatives are supertapeworms. (thank you to Liv and Beth for THAT one)

Prodigal--brother-like best friend gets real live brother, making Clark sulky and insecure. And new real live brother also has good hair and looks hot and has WAY too much chemistry with Lex, the hot bastard. Hey, I'm just saying.

Fever--Mommy almost dies again. Finds out Mommy is pregnant.

Rosetta--finds out he was sent to take over the planet.

So. Challenge.

Get Clark Laid Now!

Anyway, simple rules. Clark, in any pairing, group, orgy, or even alone with his doubtless rich fantasy life, just get the poor boy laid.

There we go. Clark porn. Make him smile! Which he will. During orgasms. Lots of them.

*edited to add--feel free to post links in comment section below for easier hunting and gathering
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