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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1

I'm contemplating the fact that on an almost hourly basis, researchgrrrl and I are involved in a game of trauma one-upmanship in badfic. She--finds these things. *helpless* And they are scary.

My inbox may never feel clean again.

*goes back to read, with spork*

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And then she shares them with me and OH MY GOD I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

*pitifully* It's just--I send her things that may scar her mind? BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS! NOTHING!

You know you love this badfic! YOU KNOW YOU DO.

I find your punishment fitting.


*sigh* I lead such a dull life.

I have this theory that badfic is the brain child of psychologists in need of clientele. Parents are falling down on the job, and the pros need something to traumatize the general populace. Otherwise, we might all be dangerously well adjusted. *g*

Where do you *find* these things? Do you troll fanfic.net? An archive somewhere?

Wow. Just imagine a badfic archive.

*eyes widen*

*spork manifests*

You're reading my fic, aren't you? I know you are.


*bites lip*

This. No. Can't even tease.

There's so much of the bad that it is TRANSCENDENT.

You honestly have to see it to believe because, my god, it is SUCH a labor of LOVE. This author went to ALL POSSIBLE LENGTHS to create THE PERFECT WORLD for these BSOs.

It just...wow. WOW.

My curiousity makes me wonder what, exactly, it is you are reading. My self-preservation instinct makes me want to slink away.

How's this for the context:

"Spontaneous vaginas" is, in fact, not the most alarming image in this story. Not at all.

You, uh. You want me to hook you up?

is it not adultfanfiction.net? Is it SGA? If the answer to at least one of these is "yes", send a link to mecurtin at livejournal.com


Yanno, I could have my brain be a little more seared. Send me a link. *self-preservation instinct braces for impact*

(binjali at gmail.com)

So after the event as usual but also? *afraid*

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