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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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insta!rec - For a Murderous Thing by Dracostella
children of dune - leto 1
For A Murderous Thing by dracostella

Blame is so very last year, you know? Think *expanding your sensibilities*.

Also, this has nothing to do with me at all. Ever. No matter what the links say.

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Well. It's very complex, you understand. Very complex.

me: So I'm reading this story where an alien bug plants its eggs inside Rodney.
my sister: *laughs*
me: It's not a humour fic.
my sister: Oh. Oh God.

You ever have one of those days where you wake up and realize that three o'clock in the morning comment wars in your lj do have consequences?

Terrible, terrible consequences.

Blinks, uggh, what eleveninches said...

Is it wrong that it's not the subject matter that bothers me so much as the comma splices and the mixing up of its and it's?

*waves hand* I personally stopped being able to process when diapers came into the picture.

Comma splice and its/it's are in the first couple of sentences, sadly, so I didn't get that far. ^_^

The comma splice is definitely a mistake I make. Though, can you email me or reply to me the mix up use of its and it's. As far as I can see, I'm using them correctly.

Oh wait, I'm lying. I fixed it in one place... (but if there are others that's obvious to you if you don't mind going back to being traumatized I'd appreciate it. After all, might as well traumatize with the concept rather than the grammar...)

Hm, you must have already fixed it, but it was there.

If you're interested, in the first sentence, it should be "equine-like," not "equine like."

There's a comma splice here: Its large amber eyes regards them with mild annoyance, then it turns back to McKay.

Here: Its large amber eyes regards them -- this should be "its large amber eyes regard them"

The shots finally gets San'tarth's attention, it raises its hindlegs, its eyes narrows toward Sheppard, but Sheppard is looking at McKay. I'd put a period after "attention" to avoid another comma splice, and also it should be "its eyes narrow toward Sheppard," not "its eyes narrows".

ok....I need to go get a bone saw to open up my skull so I can put my brain through a wash cycle.


I think that rec just scared my pretty little MPREG YAY seahorse.

Well, not the rec. The actual fic.

::considers giving up on personal quest to prove that MPREG can be good fic too::

::decides my point re MPREG can be good is actually *proved* - in a twisted logic kinda way, ala chaos theory or something like that - by deliberately "bad" crack!fic::

Thank you. Now all I have left on my To Do list for today is coaxing the MPREG seahorse out from behind the bookcase....

Plus, having the rest of my guts Ripped! Out! by finishing reading in_wintertime's Scheherazade. Which is, come to think of it, kinda your fault, too. You? Are dangerous.

expanding your sensibilities

Hmmm. I daresay there is not enough mental lube in the world to make this kind of expanding painless...

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