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Flu sucks. Lethargy sucks. Right now, everything sucks. Well, not everything. Just most things.


Non-SV Rec

That Old Yeh Shen Story by taraljc (Firefly) - all you really need to read this is the ability TO read. Plotty, pretty goodness, vintage Tara, with perfect voices, wonderful clean plotline, well-drawn characters, adn shippiness for the romantics among us. But that plot--oh yeah. Just read it. You hated the show? That's okay--read the story. Trust me.

Smallville Recs

If I Were King of the Forest by lexluvsclark. Clark says, okay, dammit, I WILL be a Great Supreme Super Ruler! *snickers* With jell-o. You really don't want to miss this, okay? Beverage warnings apply. And Clark's head? Bizarre place to be. Fabulous.

The Stars From Home by celli A lovely future-conversation between Clark and Lex about home. Celli's usual light, gentle touch works beautifully.

But I Like It by spike21. Hmm. Broken feeling, like pieces of glass are being read, which for Lex, makes a lot of sense. He'd getting way too close to the edge.

I Know Not Seems by earthseed. Mmm. Yes. Clark/Lex. Clark upset. Lex has to fix it. I'm all for this one. Wonderfully written and fun to read.

I didn't get to read as much as I thought, so more next update.


Fleur Bleue, being a darling, sent a gorgeous cover for "Somewhere I Have Never Travelled". *breathless* So gorgeous. And you know, me and squeeing--can be heard 'round the world!

Loud squeeing, btw. Very very loud.



I have dismissed anything resembling actual physics from my head before a blood vessel explodes, shall instead concentrate on getting Clark laid. He has had a REALLY bad couple of weeks.

Let's look at the list.

Visage--Whitney dies. Okay, not that big a deal.
Insurgence--Mommy held hostage by bad guys and flirted with by Lionel. Who knows which he considered worse.
Suspect--Daddy arrested for murder.
Rush--got RedK'ed again, right on the verge of a date with lana. Plus, he finds out his only living relatives are supertapeworms. (thank you to Liv and Beth for THAT one)
Prodigal--brotherish best friend gets real live brother, making Clark sulky and possessive. And new real live brother also has good hair and looks hot and has WAY too much chemistry with Lex, the hot bastard. Hey, I'm just saying.
Fever--Mommy almost dies again. Finds out Mommy is pregnant.
Rosetta--finds out he was sent to take over the planet.

See? Suckiness. Lex had a rough beginning of the season, and no, it's nto been that great since, but DAMN. At least Lex is getting laid. Or so the show wants us to assume. You know, considering the sheer lack of evidence going on.

A normal person would be in a corner rocking back and forth talking to their Inner Moppet. Not our Clark. Oh no. He's--well, I'm not sure WHAT he's doing, but he's not doing the rock-in-the-corner thing, no sir.

Poor pet. So. Got to Get Clark Laid. A Lot.
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